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10 Reasons ‘JOB’ Should Be A Four-Letter Word

It seems to me that the millions of Americans caught in long-term unemployment are suffering from some kind of illness

– a mental impairment that blocks their ability to be creative

– called hopelessness.

Through no fault of their own,

they seem to lack the will to create their own income path.

They spend their days circling want ads, sending out resumes, moaning about their situation to anyone who will listen,

and praying that someone comes to their aid with a well-paying job.

Society has trained us to believe that we are worthless without a job.

Indeed, we feel worthless when we are unemployed with few prospects of making money.

Family, friends, and peers constantly remind us in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we “need” a job.

No one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something.


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Payback ~ New Documentary On ‘Debt’

Based on Margaret Atwood’s bestselling book Payback Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth,

The documentary film ‘Payback’

offers a fascinating look at debt as a mental construct

and traces how it influences relationships, societies, governing structures and the fate of the planet.

Some additional filmmaker interview footage here at the Canadian Globe and Mail

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Acquisition Of Africa’s Resources Is The Chief Purpose Of Africom ~ Not The Development Of Africa

UGANDA OIL: US Africa Command,

A Tool To Recolonize The African Continent

The USA Africa Command,

which America calls ‘Africom’,

is a military structure of the Defence Department of America.

Africom was formed in 2007 during President George W Bush’s second term of office.

That was two months after America had bombed a small African country, Somalia,


destabilising it to the ashes it is today

and to the danger it now poses to Africa and international trade.

The coast of Somalia is infested with sea piracy and kidnappings.

This is as a result of the earlier American invasion of Somalia,

in pursuit of its illegitimate economic interests in Africa.

The political instability of Somalia

has now caused the problem of ‘terrorism’ for East African countries

such as Kenya.


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Wall Street Won’t Let Democracy Work Here Anymore

The people who think they rule over us and try to run our lives

will not let us lawfully change the government they installed after their  coups

of 11-22-1963

and 9-11-2001.

I intend to reveal several possible exit paths from this present crisis.

But first,

I want to list  8  things the government has done to make it impossible for us to lawfully escape from what they have been doing to us.

No matter that they have allowed Wall Street to steal tens of trillions of dollars from us

and subject us to wars,


and confrontations

on two continents

with nations that have active alliances with Russia, China and Pakistan.

That includes one nation that has a Russian naval base.

We could all die because we do not have a way to just say NO to the psychopaths who are running the world to it’s ruin.


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Mainstream Fail ~ Viewers Leaving TV For The Internet

[ … and now for some happy news ]

A new report shows viewers are leaving the mainstream media by the droves.
According to statistics
CNN is loosing 50 percent of its total viewers leading the list of losers in the media.
So it looks like people are turning elsewhere to get their news.

SCHOOL SUCKS : The American Way

Don’t let the title fool you.

This video is actually about how government-run schooling

contributed to the rise of socialism, imperialism

and eventually fascism in Germany between the 1890s and 1940s.

U.S. Military Using Fake Online Identities, Sock Puppet Accounts (Spy Operation)

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA