A Dying Breed: Feeble Minded Fools and Dim-Witted Debunkers
It’s easier to believe what the government says, buy a six pack and fall asleep in front of American Idol

Paul Joseph Watson | January 7 2006

We recently received an e mail which compared us with Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, and called us outright liars for stating that the federal government was involved in gun confiscation in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

In response to that misguided individual, we took this opportunity to open out an analysis of the nature of denial and why people still cling in fear to the establishment dictated version of reality.

The e mail was originally sent to the Stop the Lie website and reads as follows.

I see that your motto is “Stop the Lie.” You post an article that implies the Federal government was responsible for gun confiscations in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster. However, it was the New Orleans Superintendent and the Deputy Chief of Police who gave that order. It was carried out by New Orleans police, those that didn’t abandon the city, and the National Guard, from Oklahoma, not Federal troops. It was a Federal judge who issued a temporary injunction to stop the gun confiscations.

But who brought this urban legend to you? Weren’t Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson the “investigative journalists” who claimed that a 4-star general was sacked for upsetting Bush’s plans for staging a nuclear attack on the US in order to declare war on Iran? This is in addition to their claims that both the Oklahoma City bombing and 911 were US government operations. Didn’t they also claim that the Reagan assassination attempt was also a Bush family endeavor? And aren’t they also claiming that vaccines are being contaminated with mercury by the government?

I think you guys would make Joseph Goebbels proud. Maybe it time you look at yourselves and determine if your cause is so critical that is justifies lying. Perhaps it is time for you to Stop the Lies.

If this individual had bothered to read Alex Jones’ article on the New Orleans gun confiscation he would have read the following.

“The federal government has been chomping at the bit for decades to disarm the American people, and now an amalgamation of state and local police led by the BATF are having their deepest desire fulfilled in New Orleans.”

The BATF Federal Stormtroopers led the gun confiscation and made arrests. The BATF made the very first gun confiscations and arrests of those accused of shooting at rescue helicopter and army volunteers, though the rationale for doing so was later brought into question when the LA Times reported that innocent people were shot at.

New Orleans was declared a federal city two weeks after the hurricane hit. Quoting from the GovExec website,

“Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina unleashed her wrath, causing immense devastation and killing an as-yet-uncounted number of people, New Orleans has become, for all intents and purposes, a federal city.

A metropolis that once bustled with busy residents and tourists who partied on Bourbon Street is now occupied by U.S. military forces and a dozen federal agencies working side by side, street by street, with state and local authorities. It seems that every agency wants a piece of this action.”

New Orleans was a giant benchmark for how all natural disasters will be dealt with in future.

FEMA and the federal government deliberately sabotaged relief efforts in order to deepen the crisis, including blocking water and fuel supplies.

FEMA cut communication lines in one parish, causing Sheriff Harry Lee to reconnect the lines and place armed guards around them to thwart FEMA.

The federal government deliberately hampered relief and recovery efforts in order to provide the justification for Americans to accept gun confiscation and foreign troops on US soil.

Our debunker friend is completely wrong to suggest that federal forces were not involved in New Orleans gun confiscation.

Furthermore, does it even matter whether it is regular police or federal agents taking your guns? Isn’t the fact that they’re taking your guns period something to be concerned about?

We have to remember that such sentiments are held by a dwindling minority, a dying breed who are still ruled by fear. Out of a thousand e mails we will only receive one that calls us liars. Contrast that to five years ago and it’s obvious that the era of manifest enlightenment is truly upon us.

The author claims Mercury in vaccines is a conspiracy theory.

He evidently doesn’t know how to do a Google search.

The CDC itself admits it puts Mercury in vaccines. Here’s a television news report telling us how great it is. Is this a conspiracy theory?

If we report that the sun came up this morning then it becomes a conspiracy theory. The unparalleled ineptness of the debunkers is quite pathetic to behold and their maladroit arguments wouldn’t stand up in a debate with a three-year-old child.

Many of these feeble minded individuals cite as if it was some kind of bible. When Snopes says something is an urban legend they are above reproach and have the monopoly on truth.

The fact is that is run by two individuals who are attempting to cover every topic under the sun and verify the merits of each in turn.

Consequently, there are holes in their ‘explanations’ that you could fly a 747 through.

Well, says it’s an urban legend so they must be right!

Bill Clinton also said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Just because somebody says it does not make it so.

A great deal of this mentality stems from laziness. It’s much easier to swallow the government’s version of events, buy a six pack and fall asleep in front of American Idol. Taking time to actually question something, use your own discernment and come to a conclusion takes time and energy, which is better spent in their estimation watching 24 or Threat Matrix.

Joe Six Pack also highlights the Bush connection to John W. Hinckley Jnr., Reagan’s would be assassin, as being another one of our fantasies.

Is it a fantasy that the Associated Press reported on March 31st 1981 that the Hinckley family were scheduled to have dinner with the Bush family?

Is this another urban legend?

On the subject of 9/11, anyone who still believes that the attack was perpetrated by nineteen ‘fundamental jihadists hell bent on destroying America’ who, the night before the grandest terror attack of all time, were getting shitfaced drunk in a tit bar, at the behest of a dying man spending his time equally between being on a kidney dialysis machine and in a cave, would have been sorely disappointed recently when Santa Claus didn’t drop down their chimney and leave bundles of gifts.

Anyone who still believes the ‘official’ fairytale of 9/11, a yarn that we are told vaporized the bodies of two thirds of the victims yet produced photo ID’s within hours at two of the different crash sites identifying the hijackers, would do well to remove their baby teeth from under the pillow.

The lies promulgated about 9/11 are so legion that the deceivers are starting to trip over their own twisted tongues. Larry Silverstein claims his “pull it” comment meant to evacuate firefighters from WTC Building 7 and yet Popular Mechanics’ own 9/11 debunking special stated that there were no firefighters in the building whatsoever.

The tooth fairy doesn’t exist. It’s time to grow up and face reality. We have a government criminally hell bent on destroying America, a government that openly and brazenly lied a country into a war that cost the lives of thousands of US soldiers and countless hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, ‘liberated’ out of their very existence.

Judging from recent history alone, we should automatically disbelieve anything government tells us and let them do the work to prove otherwise. Their track record on telling the truth would put a used car salesman to shame.

The catalyst of the blossoming rise of the alternative media was the fact that the mainstream media deliberately engaged in spin and deception by regurgitating state mantra as gospel. This became abundantly clear and people started to search for sources of information that at least tried to tell the truth.

This has bolstered our credibility and the catcalls of the cynics who bleat and scream about the Internet being poisoned by tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists fall on deaf ears. Their time has passed and the baying crowds that once lapped up their incessant drivel have all but dispersed.

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