The Truth About Fish Oil

“Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil – The Ultimate Supplement for Anyone Concerned with Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimers, Depression and Turning Back the Clock”
Nation’s Leading Anti-Aging Physician Spills His Guts… Reveals Why Almost All Doctors Don’t Advise Their Patients to Take the #1 Age-Reversing Supplement Ever Known
Dear Friend,

If you were to board a plane to fly to your favorite vacation spot, but the government had a rule that you were only allowed to bring one nutritional or vitamin supplement with you, what would it be?

If you were to ask me this question, I would immediately shout for Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

Now, do you want to know why I would choose Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil over all other supplements? Okay, great. Let me show you what I discovered about it. Sit back and be stunned. The benefits are mind boggling.
Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
Dr. Dave’s Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Truth is, when I first began doing research on Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil several years ago I was literally overwhelmed with the incredible benefits – all of which have been substantiated in scientific studies. In my office, for example, I have a 58-page file that summarizes much of my research. Each of these 58 pages contains abstracts from at least 9 scientific studies, done over the course of one year. That’s how much information there is on the subject.

Add up the pages and the years. What do you have? You have 58 years worth of studies on the subject of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. We’re talking thousands of articles I have reviewed on the subject. And so, I would venture to say you could fill up a small room in my house with the research from all of these scientific publications.

At any rate here is a SHORT LIST of the things I found:

* Fish oil prevents second heart attacks better than any drug it was tested against!

* Fish oil is probably the best “medicine ” available to prevent sudden cardiac death!

* Fish oil makes aspirin’s “blood thinning” benefits look like a joke. Not only that, those who cannot tolerate aspirin will have no problem with the taste of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (not to be confused with normal grade fish oil bought in stores – which does leave a bad after-taste).

* Fish oil has been used effectively in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

* Fish oil improves memory, I.Q. and helps obliterate age related memory lapses.

* Fish oil helps people with multiple sclerosis.

* Fish oil plays a key role in brain development. In a Scottish study conducted with young children, fish oil improved cognitive and visual skills – making them smarter than kids who did not use it!

* Fish oil lowers blood pressure. In know this for a fact as several years back when I went on this longevity quest (after being diagnosed with high blood pressure) I used it successfully on myself. Then I gave it to my mother and it helped her, too. Then I gave it to my patients with the same result.

* Fish oil reduces the incidence of stroke caused by clotting of brain blood vessels!

* Fish oil lowers triglycerides and raises good HDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

* Fish oil is a very potent anti-oxidant and one of the few that cross the blood-brain barrier. I call it the ultimate anti-oxidant and in many cases, the only one you may need!

* Fish oil improves personality, mood, and mental disorders!

* Fish oil is a potent natural anti-depressant!

* Fish oil improves the health of cartilage and joints!

* Fish oil improves the ratio of testosterone to its metabolite, DHT, and in studies was shown to be useful in treating prostate, breast and colon cancers.

* Because fish oil simultaneously improves hormone levels and improves the health of your joints, this makes it the perfect anti-aging supplement as well as a superb supplement for athletes, speeding recovery time from hard workouts!

* Fish oil balances hormonal levels in the body, which has many benefits – one of which is a much sounder, deeper sleep, so that you wake up in the morning feeling totally refreshed and invigorated!

* Fish oil reduces inflammation in the lungs and can be used to treat allergies, asthma and excema.

Remember folks that this is just the “short list.” And I kid you not.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Alleviates Depression

Allison was a late 30’s woman who had suffered many serious bouts of depression. After the birth of her latest child, though, she sank deeper than ever before. Adding misery to the depression, Allison was not allowed to breastfeed her baby because the prescription anti-depressants she had to take prohibited it. Unfortunately, the drugs did little for her except make her sleepy and gain weight. Now that’s even more depressing, isn’t it? And this explains why, when Allison was hanging by a thread she came to me for help.

I put her on my Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil and, at first, she took it along with her prescription drugs.

As I did not hear from her for a month or so, I was getting concerned. Then I started to hear from her friends that she was feeling better. Not wanting to intrude on her life I held off calling her. When I could stand it no longer, I reached for the phone to give her a call. Call it Providence, ESP or whatever, but the phone rang just as I reached for it. GUESS WHO?

You’re right, it was Allison.

I barely recognized her at first. She sounded so different. Two months earlier she was a mental wreck. Gone was the barely audible monotone voice. Instead, she was vibrant, confident, and full of pep.

She was back in the gym exercising; she was enjoying her new baby; she was getting along well with the rest of her family … and she was excited about the fact that she could now breastfeed her baby.

“I was so glad not to feel enslaved to that awful drug which did nothing except make me fat, sleepy and poor,” she said.

She was even happier when I informed her that supplementing her diet with Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil was providing her baby with essential nutrients needed for brain and eye development, and that she may actually be making her baby smarter! Needless to say, she ordered more Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

BUT the story doesn’t end there as it took a surprising twist.

I did not hear from Allison again for several months. I assumed she was doing fine. Then one day I got another phone call. It was from the OLD Allison, the “pre fish oil depressed woman.”

The life was gone from her voice. She had lost most of the ground she had gained earlier. When I asked, “What happened to you Allison?” she told me a sad but true story. Several of her family members and friends had convinced her that NO ONE could possibly do that well on Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

Her well meaning but misguided loved ones had her believing that her recovery was “all in her head” and that she had simply gotten better on her own. They told her she should stop taking the fish oil altogether or at least get a cheaper store bought brand. Still not sure of herself, she followed their advice.

First, she got a cheaper store bought brand and tried to take the 6 capsules a day that I had recommended. Within 2 days she was burping and belching a noxious tasting fish oil and her husband complained about the way her breath stunk. That was all she needed to hear, so she quit altogether.

Not surprisingly, Allison slid back down the slippery slope of depression again. Though she had been on my product 3 or 4 months it was not long enough to prevent her backslide, and down she went. The day I received her call, I mailed another order to her. Within days, she was feeling much better again.

Her family and friends have begrudgingly admitted to the benefits of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil and most of them are now in my continuity program – where they receive 3 bottles of fish oil a month, automatically.

One of Allison’s family members, John, recently asked me why the stuff was so expensive compared to “X-Mart” brand and catalogue versions. I told him about the process we go through to make it Pharmaceutical Grade. This assures the purity of the product. More importantly it removes all the toxic heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium, all of which are found in store bought “food grade” brands.

I also told John that cheaper store bought brands are loaded with vitamin A which has been shown to accelerate osteoporosis at the hip. I told him that only salmon liver oil is used in my product .It does not contain cod, mackerel, shark, or tilefish like store bought brands do, all of which add mercury and ammonia, which accounts for the fishy taste “bad breath” side effect. You simply will NOT have that problem with my Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

In addition to that, I also told him of the many patients who tried store and catalog brands and were very disappointed when they did not get the same results they had gotten while on my product. He then told me he had heard that flax seed oil was better.

I quickly smiled, pulled out a file and reviewed the studies with John.

I explained that there is some evidence in studies that link flax oil with increased incidence of PROSTATE CANCER, and by virtue of similar hormonal pathways, there should be some concern about breast cancer.

I told him that there have been far fewer studies showing the benefit of flax oil, or olive oil for that matter than for fish oil. I also explained that while flax oil is an Omega 3 fatty acid, it is a short chain compound. The human body requires long chain fatty acids. While flax oil can be converted by the body to long chain, it is slow and very inefficient.

In short Flax seed oil is a poor source of Omega 3’s for humans.

Finally, just when I thought I had worn this guy down, he brought up a study done in a famous consumer magazine which reported that most fish oil brands were OK as far as purity and there was no reason for the cost differences. I then told him that the levels of detection used in that study were so low and so poor that pond scum could have passed for a pure product. My product is PURE – and I mean PURE out to the parts per billion! This is an order of magnitude greater than he had though of, and certainly higher than the magazine study.

Still not convinced, I asked John to chew one of my Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil capsules and compare it to the taste of one of the “X-brand” capsules he had been gulping. He chewed one then looked at me and said, “Amazing. This doesn’t taste anything like the other brand I bought at the store.”

John ordered my product on the spot. It was far better than nearly vomiting from the store bought variety that he burped and belched up for hours. One month later, John began ordering a whole case of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil at a time, much of which he gives to family and friends. That’s the power and impact this supplement has. And it’s why I say it’s the ONE SUPPLEMENT I would choose if I was only allowed to bring one with me on a trip.

I could go on and on about the amazing and seemingly endless benefits of this product. I could tell you stories of Alzheimer’s patients whose memories improved. I could tell you about the patients both young and old who noticed their minds and memories were sharper.

Many people have noticed they don’t have to write everything down all the time any more. I’ve heard of improvements in everything from cards to careers. One gentleman claims this product has helped him be more decisive and creative in his business dealings.

I could tell you about the body builders, weight lifters and runners whose joints are less achy and sore after workouts allowing them to improve their performance. I could tell you about asthma patients who are breathing freely now because of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

So let me close with another question, one that gets asked of me in teasing fashion: “Dr Dave, is there anything fish oil doesn’t cure or at least help?”

My answer to this is, “Yes, it will not cure the ignorance of people who are too stubborn to “give it a try.”

SERIOUSLY NOW, ask your doctor if there is any reason for you not to take this product. If you breathe air and walk on two legs, and are a member of the human race, the answer is, “NO!”

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