The Oil Sands Of Alberta
January 22 , 2006, CBS

There’s an oil boom going on right now. Not in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or any of those places, but…in Alberta, Canada. The oilmen up there are…digging up dirt — dirt that is saturated with oil. They’re called oil sands, and if you’ve never heard of them then you’re in for a big surprise because the reserves are so vast in the province of Alberta that they will help solve America’s energy needs for the next century. Within a few years, the oil sands are likely to become more important to the United States than all the oil that comes to us from Saudi Arabia. There are 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves here. That’s second to Saudi Arabia’s 260 billion but it’s only what companies can get with today’s technology. The estimate of how many more barrels of oil are buried deeper underground is staggering. “We know there’s much, much more there. The total estimates could be two trillion or even higher,” says Clive Mather, Shell’s Canada chief. “This is a very, very big resource.” Very big? That’s eight times the amount of reserves in Saudi Arabia.

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