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*Note: UAE= United Arab Emirates given contracts to protect U.S. ports. Money for and from Al Queda also is funelled through this organization. The UAE is a drug transshipment point for traffickers given its proximity to Southwest Asian drug producing countries; the UAE’s position as a major financial center makes it vulnerable to money laundering; anti-money-laundering controls improving. Bush agrees to let them secure our ports. Look to my ”Exposing…” module for the CIA factbook on the UAE.

Once again, I watched FOX News but only to see what companies advertised on this piece of crap show. And a show it is. Among the companies who buy advertising spots on FOX News are; Gieco, Crest, Office Depot, Ford, Hampton, UPS, FedEx and to my dismay, Sirius Satellite Radio. That’s just several of the companies who buy into the networks LOADOFCRAP. But when I heard disagreement with Bush during one ”reporters” spot, I had to make sure what news network I was watching.

”Has President Bush completely lost his mind?” were the words. ”How more obvious can you get than to give a contract to the Arabs?” and ”This is a GOLDMINE of controversy for the Democrats!” The ”reporters” name escapes me but I do remember that he does a segment called ”My Word”? The guy was outraged at the thought of our homeland security being sold over to the Arabs. It doesn’t suprise me at all.

For those of us that have followed this administration, we all know that Bush has been paying off all the corporations, pharmaceutical companies and the Saudi’s since he stole his position. Why is FOX News just now reporting their disbelief about Bush? Are they trying to protect their advertisers? I think they are but it seems like this is something they are having trouble understanding and defending.

While Bill O’Reilly focuses on slamming actors who he says have turned into ”left-wingers”, his liberal guests are showing up better prepared for his outbursts and finger pointing that he has no choice but to talk about something else. Shifting the focus is what the darling of the FOX News does best when news for them goes bad. Let’s talk about becomming a Navy Seal instead or show the worlds fattest cat all day. For any reference made about the Bush administration, the comeback is always, ”Well what about Clinton?” ”What about Gore?” Here’s some news for FOX News****FLASH**** Clinton and Gore haven’t governed this country in over 6 years.

I wonder if the UAE had to bid for the contract and how much it’s worth. I wonder if FOX News will be more upset when ALL bloggers report the REAL news. Afterall, we are the best thing around. We also buy some of the products and services of the companies who advertise on their tabloid news television show. Maybe their advertisers should protect themselves.

On the curious side, I have a question and if anyone can get me the answer and stats, I will be thankful.

Question of the evening: How many Katrina evacuees, since the tragedy until now, are actually employed and able to provide food and shelter for their families? I think this is an important question and deserves some prodding. Have you any answers? Post them now.

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