America’s war on the web 02 April 2006 While the US remains committed to hunting down al-Qaeda operatives, it is now taking the battle to new fronts. Deep within the Pentagon, technologies are being deployed to wage the war on terror on the internet, in newspapers and even through […]

In Response To: IF PEAK OIL WAS A REAL ISSUE.. (threecats) -snip- The DoE report shows that at today’s prices Venezuela’s oil reserves are bigger than those of the entire Middle East – including Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Iran and Iraq. In the future Venezuela won’t have any more […]


Hello Folks, These sweeteners 950 and 951 are now used in the new Coca Cola Zero Sugar beverage. The marketing decision of giving consumers ” A Great Taste” without the sugar input. There has been a lot of anti around sugar lately and the bottlers of Coca Cola have been […] This group may be an appropriate place to get help & post your grievences on their website. WhistleBlowers Documents Exposed (WBDE) is a self-funded people’s initiative which aims to curb the use that some individuals and organizations make of using public resources for their own private purpose of punishing […]

Here’s to New Zealand’s legal system. Pass this on to everyone. I apologise for the format I’ve sent this, but it’s to prevent it being intercepted by corporate email scanners that reject emails containing this sort of language. This is the “Supressed Information”. If you’re pissed with this like I […]

By Douglas Herman The weirdest war in American history will have the direst consequences. A disaster for your kids and grandkids (I have no kids but the USA is still my country). If this war were a video game–call it Grand Theft Country–no one would believe it. The war the […]


Money doesn’t talk Money doesn’t talk, it swears – Bob Dylan You want some 9/11 truth? You won’t find it in the accretions of increasingly absurd conjecture and the tail-chasing diversions of no evidentiary value. The hard-ass, 9/11 truth has the colour of money and the sweet stink of opium, […]