Our Health Our Choice March – This Saturday 31st March 9.30am


Say No to Aussie Rules

This Saturday 31st March 9.30am
Queen Elizabeth Square Rally

Tuesday 10th April Time TBA
Place TBA
This will be outside wherever the committee meets

Saturday 21st April 9.30am

March Down K’Rd
Western Park on Ponsonby Rd
VENUE TBC Pending Permit
And every Saturday thereafter
until the Treaty that is behind this Bill is annulled.
The rally has been cancelled for the 7th of April to focus on the 10th as well as the big 21st April March. We want 100,000 people in Auckland on that march as well as every town centre out on the street.
We are making this an ELECTION ISSUE
and if we have to call for a SNAP ELECTION we will do so.
Keep informed: https://www.houseofradianceintl.com/Health_Freedom_NZ.htm

If you would like to volunteer your time every Monday night 
for 1.5 hours to help the overall organisation of this movement please call Nicola on 09 377 2850.   
We need:  
    1     A public communications person responsible for organising our callers and pamphlet dropper-offers. 
    2     An internet communications person to set up all aspects of internet communication to make it easier to get messages out.  As well as set up a watch list online where we can post all the covert activities that are occurring to bring them out into full view of the public eye. 
    3     A media assistant to co-ordinate with Julia (our new media communicator) with media at the events as well as follow up. 
    4     5 volunteers for this Saturday’s rally to get information out to the public and collect information. 
    5     Poster makers and hanger-uppers. 
    6     10 phone callers who will be responsible for communicating to the various groups and organisations our events. 
    7     Technical crew who can set up stages, lighting and sound at the various events. 
    8     Call me if you get called up to have your submission heard on the 10th and let me know what the venue is.  We may also have to prepare ourselves for a change in venue as well. 
    9     Fundraisers!  Someone to head up the fundraising aspect of this and work with Health Freedom NZ to help out with that effort.   
    10     National events co-ordinator and team.  We need a team as well as someone to co-ordinate the team to actively invite other centres to get into action.  So far we have Nelson on board and I have had many emails from people interested in having something in their centre but no one has come forward to actually get teams together to organise it.  For this to work we need the entire nation pounding the pavement. 
We are currently a team of 4 people organising all this, and now we are getting bigger we need lots of help to pull this thing off and make it a success. 
Awareness March Nelson 
Saturday 31st March 10am 
Contact Susie: susie@tasman.net 
Phone:  021 0543492 
If a Parliamentary majority can ratify this Treaty,  
your democratic New Zealand Sovereignty status will cease to exist. 
Our entire health industry will be run by an Australian managed CORPORATELY RUN ENTITY:  Hospitals, Doctors, Naturopaths, Pharmacists, Pharmac – Drugs & Medicines, whether pharmaceutical, dietary supplements, natural remedies, homeopathic and herbal remedies, medical devices, surgical instruments and machines. 
Traditional folk medicine, whether Maori, Chinese, Indian or European and all herbs will be banned, interfered with or controlled out of existence. 
This will affect you, your partner, husband, wife, mother, father 
and your children and grandchildren.  Why will this be so? 
Because the new, so called Trans Tasman Authority is in effect an international trade entity, outside the jurisdiction of either Australia or New Zealand government.  Even Parliament, our highest court, can not touch them.  
This Authority is accountable to
no one.   
It will have free reign over your health. 
The only way is to stop this enabling Bill and to elect a government dedicated to NZ sovereignty and Democracy. 
Such a government could undertake to give notice of abolishing the Treaty in a given Time frame.  Currently this is three years, but possibly this could be shortened considerably after defeating this bill. 
Our marching should send a clear message to those MPs who have not yet fully grasped the enormous responsibility they are meant to be exercising in accordance with their mandate, and not because of political wheeler dealing and possible bribery. 
Our health, our lives are not negotiable 
and cannot be traded for anything! 
Least of all for Australian made trinkets and wine! 
I received this email from someone whose submission to speak has been rejected by the administrative committe here in Auckland on the 10th April.  New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland has only been allotted 3 hours to be heard and each speaker will have 5 minutes.  
Isabel raises an interesting idea below.  So if any of you have your submissions rejected please pass that on to me so I can put you in contact with Isabel. 
Dear Nicola, 
Despite your being very busy, I think you should know about this. 
I returned to Waiuku last night to find this letter from the Government Administration Committee: 
[quote] “… Due to the exceptionally high number of submitters who requested an oral hearing, we are unable to facilitate every request. We therefore advise that your submission will be received as a written submission only and you will not be invited to make an oral submission.” 
I am going to write to the Select Committee & protest at being denied opportunity to speak to my submission.  I intended telling my personal story as a registered nurse, provisionally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis & that I was virtually told by my neurologist that I’d likely be in a wheelchair in 5 years time. That I knew “medical science” had nothing to offer me but very dangerous drugs [steroids] that had variable positive effect; that orthomolecular therapy has enabled me to live an active life instead of just exist [as I did before resorting to an orthomolecular approach]. That being able to maintain my level of wellness at a comparatively high level is very cost-effective, whereas if I cannot access my nutrients & herbs I risk becoming an expensive burden to the State because I will require progressively greater care. [There is still no effective medical treatment for multiple sclerosis & when years ago, I tried – several times – to come off the nutrients, my condition deteriorated very rapidly.] 
If there are so many requests to speak to submissions, the report-back date to Parliament should be adjusted so as to accommodate people’s right to speak. Perhaps there is no legislated right per se, but if “we, the people”, just take parliamentarians’ denial “lying down”, we are allowing them to still further disempower us. 
I am also going to write to my MP – Dr. Paul Hutchison – to record my protest, plus the leaders of the Maori, NZ First and United Future parties. I will include my personal story [that I am being denied opportunity to present to the Select Committee]. 
I think that everyone who is so denied would do well to protest to the Committee [as I will do today] & also consider writing to leaders of other political parties. The more people speak up/out, stating that the 30 April report-to-parliament date should be delayed, the more our elected “representatives” will become aware of the extent to which people are concerned about this invidious Bill. 
If you are able, I would appreciate sending out a “mass email” briefly detailing my thoughts above. My email list is very small but I will contact all NZers on it. 
I regret that I cannot come up for the protest march next Saturday. 
Isabel Hutchinson 
Our Health Our Choice 
Say No to Aussie Rules 
Rally Queen Elizabeth Square 
 Saturday 31st March 9.30am 
 Please email this to everyone. 
 Please phone everyone you know and bring along 
5 friends or family members. 
 Let everyone know about the 21
st April and our intention 
to have 100,000 people there as well as other centres.

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