G8 False Flag Terror Attack Averted?

US ‘Security men’ attempted to smuggle C4 plastic explosive past checkpoint at the G8 Summit

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Sunday, June 10, 2007

It looks highly likely that a false flag terror attack to be blamed on protesters of the G8 summit in Germany was averted after German surveillance stopped a team of “US security men” attempting to smuggle C4 plastic explosives past a checkpoint at Heiligendamm.

The alarming revelation was buried at the end of a Deutsche Press-Agentur news article about the ongoing battles between police and protesters at the global forum.

Sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that US security men tested German security by trying to smuggle C4 plastic explosive past a checkpoint at Heiligendamm.

German surveillance machinery detected the tiny stash in a suitcase in a car and the Americans in plainclothes then identified themselves. German police declined comment.

Was this simply a “test” as is claimed or more likely, an aborted false flag terror attack that was set to be blamed on protesters to legitimize the powerhouse G8 nations and the global elite while demonizing anti-globalization activists and justifying the use of lethal force against demonstrators?

If so, it wouldn’t be without precedent.

During the Genoa G8 summit in 2001, police planted petrol bombs in schools and other residences of protest groups in order to justify brutal raids on the properties during which activists were severely beaten and jailed Police claimed the raids were justified because the protesters were planning violence.

After the trial against the police got underway, the bomb evidence conveniently “disappeared”.

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