UN Propaganda: Climate talks ‘last chance’ to avoid catastrophe

5:00AM Monday December 03, 2007
By Juliette Jowit
Photo / Reuters
World leaders will converge on Bali today for the start of negotiations which experts say could be the last chance to save the Earth from catastrophic climate change.

The United Nations conference of 191 countries is the beginning of talks to agree on a new international treaty to cut greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change and continue the work of the Kyoto Protocol after 2012.

Last week negotiators were “managing expectations” and warning that the aim of the gathering of 10,000 people was to agree to a “road map” or timetable for negotiations.

But even such modest ambitions are likely to generate controversy over key issues such as which countries will be expected to sign up to targets to cut emissions, how cuts can be made and who will pay.

Key figures also warned that what is agreed must lead to an agreement at another conference in two years.

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