‘People’s poll’ picks Ron Paul

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Thursday December 20, 2007

Republican hopefuls are chasing the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton. Marvelous.

Now, where is Ron Paul in all of this heady discussion about these Republican “leaders,” as it were?

The “polls” say he is at about 4 percent. Whose polls? AP? Gallup? Fox News? Certainly not us.

These so-called polls are as biased and abusive as their sponsors.

The ugly and awful truth of the matter is that Ron Paul has actually won each and every televised GOP debate to date, and the GOP establishment is too embarrassed to admit it or even back him against the Democrat hopefuls.

As an analogy, this is clearly a case of the Oscars vs. the People’s Choice. However, the People’s Choice Award does not have to hire a Big Seven accounting firm to conceal the ballots. The “people’s poll” is winning this one hands down, and Ron Paul is leading the way.

Pity the losers of the Iowa caucuses and upcoming primaries. I give my support to Ron Paul for president of these United States. – William Gaillard, Prescott

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