Medicating public water supplies… (AKA ‘Fluoridation 101’) “Fluoride is safe, effective, & efficient” NZ Ministry of Health (MoH) “Fluoride is a medication” as defined by New Zealand’s own National Ethics Advisory Committee, & the International Convention of Bioethics. Artificial fluoridation of public water supplies is, to say the least, an […]

https://www.semp.us/publications/biot_reader.php?BiotID=182 Thomas “Tommy” Gold, the brilliant and controversial 20th century Viennese-born science figure and professor emeritus of astronomy at Cornell University, died at the age of 84 years eight months ago on June 22, 2004 at Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca, N.Y., after a long battle with heart disease. His Cornell […]


https://johnburkessociety.blogspot.com China Considers War Against U.S.A. Over Earthquake “Attack” by Hal Turner Sources Photos prove 90 Million Watt, Pulsed, Long-Wave, Radio Waves from HAARP array in Alaska, combined with Pulsed Microwaves from a US Military Satellite in orbit, caused Chinese land to “resonate. As the land began resonating, it’s own […]