Uncensored Doctor: vaccine quote

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Then we have this pernicious practice of vaccination whereby filth is pumped into a baby’s body based on Pasteur’s Germ Theory… A theory which has long since been discredited. The statistics that they publish as their proof of efficacy are nothing more than massaged frauds that may be added to the rest of the fraudulent clinical trials which are being uncovered almost daily and certainly by the week.

The methods of analyzing the data obtained are woefully inadequate, the confidence that is placed in mathematical formulae that at the best can only handle a mere handful of variables against the complexity of each individual human frame is sadly misplaced .. Once again we are being ruled by numbers that have not the slightest relevance, except as tools for the propaganda with which they dazzle blinded eyes. The calls for justice by the parents of vaccine damaged children are ignored as they routinely follow the prevailing dogma and invariably produce the ultimate whitewash by the use of the sacred mantra… ‘There is no scientific evidence’… Do these people really believe that they sit on the right hand of God?

The evidence is in the afflicted… the unheard millions who they ignore as though they did not exist, and daily they consign hundreds of thousands of children to a life of ill health by the use of this sacrificial ritual… I have never understood how one unvaccinated child could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of vaccinated children… because if this particular piece of junk dissonance is correct then the whole explanation for this nasty practice is collapsed and exposed for what it is.

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Fri Jun 13 , 2008