David Icke Stands In By-Election To Raise Awareness of Global Elite Trying to Take over World

Former TV presenter David Icke has told Sky News Online he is standing in next month’s Haltemprice and Howden by-election to raise awareness of the “global elite” trying to take over the world.

Icke warns of 'global elite'

Icke warns of ‘global elite’

He says he wants to warn the public about the shadowy group intent on forming a global army and creating a worldwide DNA database.

The former footballer has received £5,000 in donations to help him stand under the title “Big Brother – The Big Picture” in the by-election on July 10.

The seat became empty after David Davis’ surprise decision to resign as an MP in protest at the Government’s anti-terror laws.

Mr Icke praised the senior Conservative’s decision to force a by-election over the 42-day detention laws.

But he said Gordon Brown’s “Orwellian” government was only a cog in a bigger wheel, and that the same erosion of civil liberties was taking place around the world – all in the name of terror.

He told Sky News Online: “I am not standing to win, I am standing to make a point. What David Davis has done is great.

“But it’s not just happening with the Labour party, it’s happening everywhere.

“The fact the Big Brother society is coming is blatantly … obvious and I want a debate about that.”

Mr Icke became a figure of ridicule when he announced on the Wogan show that he was a channel for the Christ spirit.

'Illuminati was behind 9/11 attack'

‘Illuminati was behind 9/11 attack’

For the past two decades, he has been campaigning against the powers he claims are behind global politics.

He claims a “network of interbreeding families” – that includes the Bush family – are trying to form a world government.

He says the New York terror attacks were the work of this Illuminati, and were used as a moral platform to invade Iraq.

Mr Icke said he was using the by-election as his own platform to publicise his warning – and hopes he gets no votes.

He added: “My worst nightmare would be to end up in Parliament – it’s so inconsequential because bureaucrats in Europe now make all the decisions.”

Mr Icke will face 25 other candidates including Mr Davis, the Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Mad Cow-Girl, and Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett.

Among the other parties on the ballot paper is the Church of Militant Elvis Party and a representative of Make Politicians History.

Clare Swinney

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