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“New Zealand” was a great idea

“New Zealand” was a great idea – it nearly came to nought,
By killing off real poets’ passion its life would be brutal – short;
To the rescue “Campbell Live” with a passionate kiwi mayor:
“Bring back the Death Penalty” and other passionate fascist gear.

Rapture in the raupo! Poetry Day and tryst,
A Passionate kiwi Mayor – and on Television mist;
Smoke and Mirror bull declared rejected old poet Brian
Mikado executioner mayor squawked: “murder is on telly all the time!”

Well! well well!!!! then.

“Just put music on the telly instead of murder fraught,
Sound of Music instead of Sensing Murder – old sport”;
But the country followed telly down America’s bloody trail,
Another telly cross for Jesus and every night another nail.

Brian Evans

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