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“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

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Press Release

“We are witnessing a new technological era,” exclaims an admiring engineer as he watches it in action. “It’ll revolutionize how human beings power their worlds.”

The “it” is a new motor developed from the discoveries in physics by renowned Brazilian scientist, Dr. Norberto Keppe. And it’s accomplishing something science has been struggling to achieve since the glory days of the great Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla: it’s running on the free scalar energy of the universe.

That’s right. Free energy.

Even Tesla didn’t get there. Keppe’s discoveries, however, are making this long-held dream a reality.

In his landmark book, The New Physics, Keppe outlined the basis for a new physics that transcends completely the postulates of Newton and Einstein, and even the proposals coming from quantum physics. Keppe’s book is a bold and prophetic re-thinking of all the essential building blocks of science that promises to lead humanity to profoundly higher levels of technological and social development.

Keppe’s findings were all the inspiration STOP engineers Cesar Soos and Roberto Frascari needed to discover a way to capture the scalar energy perceived by Tesla (and called essential or divine energy by Keppe), thereby side-stepping the traditional means used by all human motors to this point.

Two prototypes of the motor were unveiled for the first time on the 25th of May, 2008 to an enthusiastic group in the theater of the Grande Hotel Trilogia in Cambuquira, Minas Gerais Brazil.

The motor was still running cold after 20 minutes at high velocity, displaying efficiency codes far above traditional motors and electrical energy consumption at a tiny fraction of anything else on the market.

“Imagine this motor being used on a large scale. It would reduce our energy consumption on the planet substantially. And immediately,” enthused another engineer during the unveiling of the Keppe motor.

The prototypes hit 3500 rpm with a minuscule consumption of electricity provided by one nine-volt battery.

The Keppe motor can be used in many areas where human beings use motors now, except with drastically reduced demands on the environment. This makes it immediately applicable in combating global warming and reducing pollution. As well as this, the motor accesses the natural essential energy field, so it actually benefits human health and the environment rather than impacting negatively on the human being as does the traditional electro-magnetic field. This has immediate applications in health, ecology, agriculture, telecommunications, transport, etc.

The motor is currently patent pending at NIIP (the National Institute of Industrial Patents) in Brazil under the name of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, and was developed by the Association’s Department of Technological Research.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Keppe motor can contact STOP at (55) 11-3817-5284, or email

If you are interested in working in partnership with the Association in developing this motor, please email the Department of Technological Research directly at

The motor was publicly unveiled on the STOP TV program on May 28, 2008. This program is broadcast over more than 300 channels worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Characteristics of the Keppe Motor

Primary source of energy: scalar or essential energy (from space).
Secondary source of energy: battery or electrical current used only to give the initial start.
Motor heating: none.
Environmental pollution: none.
Energy cost to operate: 5-10% of what it costs to operate motors of the same potency.
Energy consumption: 10-20 times less than normal.
Operating area: any place on the planet because it is not dependent on other sources of energy such as atomic, hydroelectric, eolic (wind) or coal.
RPM: adjustable in accordance with the applied voltage. 3500 RPMs has already been accomplished with a motor whose rotor weighs 400 grams and consumes 15 watts and 4500 RPMs with a 250 gram rotor.
Torque: a minimum of 5 times greater than the best conventional motors.
Efficiency: depending on the dimensions can be 20 times greater than normal motors.

Impending usage and impact:
• Saving energy,
• Increase in hydroelectric capacity,
• Absence of pollution,
• Health improvement due to the elimination of electromagnetic pollution,
• Viability of projects in previously inhabitable areas,
• Desalinization of sea water and transport of water to desert areas,
• Viability of new projects that depend on energy usage,
• Production of vehicles and means of transportation that is 100% ecological,
• Abundant energy for all,
• Heating and air conditioning at an extremely low cost,
• Lighting for homes and cities without any energy cost,
• Recuperation of the energetic environment, the ecology, the socio-economy with obvious consequences in the field of class struggle and domestic, urban and municipal violence,
• Self sufficiency of nations because their enrichment and that of the citizens would no longer be controlled by international economic groups,
• Elimination of the spectre of the energy crises,
• A redirection of the technological philosophy of the planet,
• A flourishing of the sciences (medicine, physics, botany etc…).

The Keppe Motor utilizes the discovery of the principal of the capturing of scalar energy as shown in the book “The new physics of dis-inverted metaphysics” by Norberto Keppe. It utilizes the bi-directional, resonant energy which forms the universe.

The technology in today’s motors uses electrical energy, which is only uni-directional, and as such is the cause of the loss of resistance in wires, as one observes in the heating of motors and much energy is needed to cause their movement. In the Keppe Motor the movement is mainly caused by the secondary component of electrical energy, which comes directly from the energetic scalar field of space, being that the electrical energy used is only to give a start to the process of capturing this energy. And as a consequence, because we have little consumption of electrical energy, the motor does not heat and because the energy it uses is in accordance with nature, it can benefit it.

Through the results obtained in experiments, we can prove that if it is perfected by engineering specialists, it is possible for the motor to generate more energy than it consumes, capable of feeding itself and becoming another means of obtaining energy other than hydroelectric, eolic (wind), coal, gasoline, water etc.

In our experiments, we can prove that:

To move a fan that generally uses 60-80 watts, the Keppe motor utilizes only 3 watts, an energy consumption 20 times less than normal.

The Keppe Motor never heats up even when using high voltage such as 110 and 220 volts.

It can greatly reduce the consumption of the motor adding spirals in its solenoid being that a small battery of 12 volts and 1.3 amps lasted 48 hours turning a fan.

A larger model that was built began to spin with only .6 watts and reaches a velocity of 3,000 RPMs comsuming only 15 watts and with a good comparison to other motors.
An even larger model showed an efficiency 5 times greater to the best motor on the market.

A better developed research of the motor can resolve once and for all the energy problems on the planet, saving nature and assuring our survival on the planet, not to mention, eliminating the harmful influence that electrical energy used today has on the health of people, causing physical illness.

Site Keppe Motor

View Press Release of the Keppe Motor

View Characteristics of the Keppe Motor

Click here to view the video demonstrating Keppe Motor in action

Buy Norberto Keppe’s Book THE NEW PHYSICS

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