Problem-Reaction-Solution: ‘New World Order’ Emerging From Global Economic Crisis: Brown

For those new to this area, the elite like using crises they have manufactured as a reason to further their agendas, in this case it is a financial crisis.  Author and lecturer, David Icke refers to this mind-manipulation technique with the three words: “problem-reaction-solution.” The elite create the problem, the people react and then they provide the solution, which just so happens to help them further their agenda towards implementing a tyrannical one world government.
Another good example of their use of this technique was 9/11 being used as the reason to invade Afghanistan.   Film maker and political activist, Aaron Russo disclosed during an interview  with Alex Jones in 2007, that Nick Rockefeller of the banking dynasty, told him 11 months prior to 9/11 that there would be “an event” that would lead to the invasion of Afghanistan.  Hear the related part of this historic interview here: .  The full interview is here:

This here relates to Gordon Brown saying a New World Order will emerge from the global economic crisis.


Brown wants ‘new world order’ to fight global warming


Clare Swinney

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