Flashback: Bodies in WTC 7: Jennings Interview Demolishes Official Version

April 20, 2009

Barry Jennings, who witnessed explosions in WTC 7 before WTC1 and 2 fell, has, as reported,  died under suspicious circumstances.   Hear the interview about this with Dylan Avery here.

Kurt Nimmo
June 23, 2008

It is obvious watching the BBC’s trailer of its “The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 – The Third Tower,” set to air on Sunday, 6 July, that “Auntie Beeb” will attempt to make it appear Building 7 at the WTC complex came down as a result of fire (see trailer below). In other words, it appears the BBC will push — and defend — the government explanation hastily cooked up after attention was focused on the mysterious collapse by researchers, a collapse diligently ignored by the 9/11 Commission in its final report, or that is to say its final whitewash.

For the rest of the article and the actual interview with Barry Jennings, go here.

Clare Swinney

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