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“As a nuclear power – as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon – the United States has a moral responsibility to act.” –Barack Obama


PAG e-NEWS: 27 May 2009

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I am in awe of how well the cosmic casting crew of our program has done with U.S. Presidents. You have to admit that George W. Bush was the perfect person to play Commander in Chief during the “9-11/War on Terror” part of our end-times scenario – and now we have another superb job with Obama – the media-proclaimed savior who is becoming more anti-Christ-like each day. Ironically whereas Bush was appointed President by the U.S. Supreme Court after losing the popular vote, Obama might one day have that same distinction – if and when the Supreme Court is asked to decide whether he is in fact eligible for the office. Our holographic soap opera has suddenly started to accelerate. Please stay tuned.

1) American Grand Jury Unanimously indicts Obama?

“On May 23rd, 2009, the American Grand Jury showed up to indict Obama by handing down presentments. The vote was unanimous. Twenty-seven (27) Jury members attested to the final charges.”

2) America’s Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia

“After 8 years of the Bush-Cheney nightmare during which we saw the wanton destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the cynical negation of centuries of Law designed to protect the most basic human rights and a foreign policy worthy of Genghis Khan, there came along the ‘Great Black Hope’ in the persona of Barack Obama. The collective world consciousness turned uncritically to what was presented as a new era for peace, change and trust in Government. “

3) Obama’s Democratic Authoritarianism

“He’s not closing Guantanamo, he’s continuing the ‘preventive detention’ policy of the Bush administration under a new rubric (‘prolonged detention’), he’s on board with military commissions (‘reformed,’ of course) and the denial of habeas corpus – and last, but certainly not least, his supporters in Congress have launched a campaign to give him and his cabinet officials the power to close down the Internet in the name of ‘national security.’”


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