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Alex Jones Jumps Onboard Camp FEMA Project

Alex Jones admitted that he rarely granted on-camera interviews because he is so often the target of smear campaigns attempting to discredit his work and destroy the freedom movement in the United States, but when director William Lewis asked Alex to be the lead expert in a new political thriller about death camps in America, the award winning filmmaker said, “Yes.”

ST. LOUIS, MO (BSMG) JUNE 25, 2009 The Patriot communitys number one shock-jock Alex Jones has officially jumped onboard the new feature film Camp FEMA, currently in production from producers William Lewis and Gary Franchi. Over the course of a two-day interview, Jones shared his passionate opinions on the New World Order takeover of America and the implementation of death camps in U.S. cities while also speaking to the topic of legislation enacted to keep Americans safe in a time of national emergency. Its all a lie, according to Jones, with documents in hand to prove it. Producer Franchi and veteran anti-NWO filmmaker Lewis agree citing legislation highlighted in the film that will shock audiences when they learn that continuity of government plans do NOT include the continuity of the United States Constitution nor any of the rights enumerated and defended by our forefathers.

Behind the scenes, InfoWars producer Rob Dew helped coordinate Operation Counterweight as Jones and crew rolled out the red carpet for producers Lewis and Franchi – sharing previously unseen FEMA video footage and official documents that are essential in understanding the scope and complexity of the New World that is being created before our very eyes. People will beg to get into the camps vaunted Jones who predicted that an economic collapse would be used to herd Americans into FEMA installations already being setup across the country in renovated military bases and abandoned 1940’s Japanese Internment Camps.

The radio commentators trademark rapid-fire delivery style shifted to a more somber tone when asked what Americans can do to overturn these draconian laws and restore the rule of law to a land that has been robbed of its founding documents. Can we win the information war against our own elected officials? Has our entire Federal government been hijacked by Constitutional terrorists men and women who are set on enslaving the very population that they have sworn an oath to protect? You may not like the answers to these and other even more ominous questions that lead the audience down a dark road filled with menacing horrors and atrocities to come.

Glen Beck – duck and cover! Alex Jones charges back at the national media figure with a barrage of news articles and government legislation that prove Beck deliberately disregarded important evidence in the case against FEMAs motives. Glen Beck is playing a very dangerous game with the American people, according to Jones. He poses as a patriot, tries to gain your cofidence, then calls you a Muslim terrorist and a kook. Dont believe me. Dont believe Alex Jones. Go to the legislation like HR-645 that sets up FEMA camps in America and see for yourself how dangerous a precedence is being set.

Producers Lewis and Franchi were guests on The Alex Jones Show and The InfoWarrior with Jason Bermas where audiences learned about director Lewis latest production, Life on The Edge of A Bubble Blowing the American dream, which had recently won Best Feature Documentary at IndyFest 2009 and slated later that evening for a rather large screening at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas thanks to owner Harlan Dietrich. Life on The Edge of A Bubble takes a look at over 200 years of financial turmoil, stated Lewis. We found a pattern in the madness that needed to be exposed in order for the cycle to be broken.

InfoWarrior listeners were also encouraged to send in any footage that could potentially be used in the new Camp FEMA production. Billy Hutchison has already volunteered his Highland Mall FEMA footage; making Americans aware that FEMA is setting up shop in retail outlets across the nation and is apparently more than a little apprehensive about revealing the true nature for the use of these FEMA facilities. If anyone reading this message has footage of ANYTHING FEMA RELATED, you are invited to share it with the world. Links to instructions and contact information appear at the end of this press release.

Lewis and Franchi extended a very special thanks to Alex Jones and the entire Info Wars staff for their cordial, Texas-sized reception and willingness to share their expertise and research, which has taken well over a decade to amass and dissect. This invaluable information will undoubtedly raise the bar of distinction for researchers studying this overwhelming topic and lend credibility to a subject that some in government and the national media wish would simply go away.

Camp FEMA promises to be a powerhouse of information and will include interviews with Katherine Albrecht, “Spy Chips”; John Stadtmiller, National Intel Report; Ted Gunderson, Retired FBI Senior Special-Agent-In-Charge; Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate and so many other familiar names in the freedom movement.

To learn more about other films from director William Lewis, to submit your FEMA footage, or to view a short trailer for Camp FEMA, please visit his official website:

CAMP FEMA: Coming – Fall 2009



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