If you live in the USA, Canada, Japan or Europe, you could be forced to take a vaccination against the swine flu this fall.

But you can take legal action today using documents ready to download from a website in Switzerland. Many thanks to Detlev Hegeler for risking an attack by hackers!


Criminal charges

Extra evidence as a back up

This includes the links to the statement by the Austrian Health Minister on May 20th admitting that 72 kilos of vaccine material had been contaminated by Baxter with live bird flu virus. See answer 14-15.

And the original parliamentary questions of Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein (March 20th) .

The relevant section classifying the bird flu virus as biosafety level 3 or 4 pathogen under the EU directive 90 /679 Article 2 can be found here, making it clear that the Health Minister is covering up when applying vetinary laws.

I have been asked to name the state prosecutor and the police officers and also the police file number but will not do so for obvious reasons. The fact that Baxter has not sued me shows that this is not a hoax.

There is verifiable, unambiguous and consistent evidence that this vaccination will not only not do you any good, but will even contain live virus and toxic metals, such as mercury.

Furthermore, there is evidence that these lethal organisms will be put into the vaccinaiton deliberately just in order to kill and weaponize the swine flu.

In February 2009, Baxter in Austria was caught sending out 72 kilos of the live bird flu virus mixed with ordinary human seasonal flu strain to 16 labs in four countries. (See charges below. The Austrian police are now investigating.)

The pandemic material, which could have killed 99 % of the world’s population, was destined for normal influenza vaccinations but detected by chance by a lab worker in the Czech Republic.

Anyone who had been injected with such material would have caught the bird flu — with a mortality rate of 63 per cent — from the vaccinations!

Another vaccine company Novartis tested its bird flu on homeless people in Poland – and at least 21 died as a result.

The vaccine was fully licenced and approved. It was designed for “adverse events reaction” – and it produced just that.

Act nowto ensure that you will not be forced at gunpoint to take a vaccination from companies like Baxter and Novartis in the fall in the USA, Canada or in any other country.

WHO, which is supposed to ensure quality standards, actually supplied Baxter with the live bird virus for the 72 kilos!

Bear in mind the swine flu, like the bird flu, is a an artificial, genetic virus made in a lab with funding and licences by WHO.

There is proof that an international corporate crime syndicate that has annexed high government office in the United States and Europe has organised a gigantic covert bioweapons programme behind a screen of false information fed to the general public by the media these people control.

They have put in place legislation that so curtails your rights to refuse the vaccine that you will have the same rights as prisoners in Nazi concentration camps had to refuse experimental vaccines!

Accept the injection – or be shot, quarantined, imprisoned. That will be your choice.

As for compensation, you can forget that. You are to be banned from seeking compensation by special ”immunity” provisions that have been passed.

This international financial crime syndicate is following a plan of depopulation – only 300 million or so people are sustainable for the earth in their view.

Because they control the Federal Reserve and also much of the oil and gas industry, they have blocked the switch to renewable energies. Their solution to environmental pressure is the mass murder of the people of the world instead.

This crime syndicate has deliberately collapsed the economies of the USA and Europe by withdrawing credit lines. They have plunged millions, if not billions of people, into poverty. Now they wish to dispose of their victims and dominate the world’s resources and assets by setting up a new world government.

WHO is to be the world health department.

You can something today to stop this genocide and subsequent take over of your country by the UN, EU and WHO, front organisations for this international criminal group.

You can download and print these legal documents and file them at your local district courts in the USA. You can adapt them to your country before you file.

The criminal charges allege a crime has been committed.

Call your local district court and find out how to file a criminal complaint as a private citizen (which form etc). Go to your local court with the “Criminal charges” documentand hand it in as evidence together with the appopriate form alleging violations of laws against bioterrorism and racketeering influenced crime organisations and naming those defendants who are US citizens so that a US court has jurisdication.

There is no need for a lawyer. There is no fee required. This is a criminal complaint and not a civil complaint.

You can hand in the “Evidence” document for extra back up proof if you wish.

Every citizen is entitled to report a crime if there is evidence – and there is. You can’t be accused of defamation because you are supplying proof. You can’t be called a political extremist because you are not making a political statement: you are reporting a crime.

The evidence indicating a crime is taking place is available to anyone who sifts through the huge amount of information available on in scientifc journals etc, keys in on the significant facts, and presents those facts in a legal context.

In addition, medical and other expertssuch as Dr Rebecca Carley, Alexander Jones and Carmen Reynolds have contributed to the gathering and the compiling of information for these documents.

Because these crimes affect you directly, like just everyone else on the planet today, you have the especial right to file. It is job of law enforcement to initiate an investigation if someone presents credible evidence of a crime. That is what they are there for. They cannot refuse the charges.

By filing charges, you can’t guarantee a conviction. State-sponsored crimes are harder to prosecute for obvious reasons. The criminals have infiltrated high government office and use the state apparatus to carry out, and cover up, their crimes, and try to stop law enforcement from taking action.

By filing charges, you can, however, guarantee that your local law enforcement will have to read these charges and assess the evidence. That is their duty under law. At the very least, they will become aware that there are bioterrorists in the USA – and they are sitting in government!

If enough people file in the USA, then a District Attorney somewhere might prosecute.

Not even the President is above the law. No President can abolish the Constitution or Law from which he derives his power by any executive or other order.

The “Injunction” can also be filed at a courts.

It requests a court to prohibit the vaccinations on the grounds that there is high probability they will cause harm. It does not allege a crime has been committed.

Because the vaccinations are classed as bioweapons by the US government, laws on bioterrorism and covert biological warfare come into force.

The Evidence document contains more facts and arguments to support the notion that an international financial crime group that has annexed high government office is using the artificial pandemic virus for genocide prior to allowing WHO and the UN troops to occupy the USA and the creation of a North American Union.

Also, you write a letter to your state , congress and senate representatives adding the link to these documents.

In additon, you can sign the Vaccine Resistance Movement Petition.

Your fate is in your hands. Join a new legal militia.

Stay updated by tuning in to Dr Bill Deagle’s, Dr Carley’s, Dr True Ott’s and Carmen Reynold’s radio shows.

Also, if you see a crime being committed anywhere by the government, go ahead and file new charges yourself. You have the right.

Insist on accountability from your branch of law enforcement. The US Constitution was created for YOUR protection. No government body can legally ignore it.

Ensuring your civic rights and rule of the Law is the whole point of the Constitution from which the government alone derives its legitimate authority.

You can adapt this documents to your needs. Anyone, however, who deliberately and systematically makes changes to these documents in such a way as to weaken, falsify or dscredit the evidence should be aware that they thesmelves expose themselves to being charged with obstruction of justice at the very minimum.

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