There are a number of serious concerns about the planned H1N1 vaccination programme: 1) Baxter produced a seasonal flu vaccine for Europe earlier this year that was contaminated with live Bird Flu (H5N1) viruses.  (Fortunately the contamination was discovered before the vaccine was injected into anyone.) Baxter claims the contamination […]


Gary M. Burge, The Electronic Intifada, 3 August 2009 Right-wing Israelis demonstrate in Jabal Mukabber after hundreds ransacked the village in occupied East Jerusalem, destroying Palestinian property, March 2008. I recently returned from the Holy Land after leading about 40 Presbyterians from Galilee to Jerusalem. This isn’t new territory for […]

[ … reminds me of a similar more recent war crime that our Government utterly failed to bat an eyelid over … ], Thursday 6 August 2009 10.00 BST One year ago, Georgia‘s leaders ordered a military attack on unarmed civilians in South Ossetia. By any common understanding this […]

“Ninety years have passed since World War I ended, yet the Arab world remains divided in accordance to plans enforced by the victors of that war. The region still suffers the consequences of the war … “ Russian News tele really seems to be leaving the western MSM in the […]

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” is a massive vortex of floating plastic trash estimated by some researchers to be twice the size of Texas. By Paul Rogers San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE, Calif. — Hoping to learn more about one of the most glaring examples of waste and environmental pollution […]