The March for Democracy Sat 21st Nov



UPDATE: Brian Rudman Slams ‘The March’: Mob rule no substitute for democracy

When: Saturday 21 Nov, 1.30pm. Where: Downtown Auckland – marching up Queen St to Town Hall.

The March for Democracy is a peaceful protest march against the government ignoring the wishes of its voters. We would like the government to take our voting and voice into much more serious account. We would like the government to return to their roots of representative government. The recent ignoring of the recent Citizens’ Initiated Referendum, where 87.4% voters asked for change, is just one example of the trend away from listening to the people of New Zealand.

The March is not organised by a political party or a religious group. It does not support any political party or religious view. It is being professionally organised by citizens for citizens.

The March will be a family friendly event for all New Zealanders. Let’s all, regardless of race, creed or political affiliation, get together and March for a better, more democratic New Zealand.



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Tue Nov 17 , 2009
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