Kim Hill Interviews Richard Gage About 911

The phrase  ‘contempt prior to examination’  leaps readily to mind here.

(and so does her interview with John Pilger just after the ‘war on terror’ started some eight -fucking- years ago).

I guess that some journalists

– especially those that wish to remain systemically employed for wealthy entities like the Crown and such

– just think that the devil is ALWAYS in the details.

Would have been nice if she’d interviewed him instead of cutting off his responses to her questions with her next question.

– that way people can communicate –

thereby passing on information that might be of value

instead of just ‘waiting to ask another question’.

It’s understandable, tho.

Because when you are an interviewer with some apparent measure of social conscience

( even despite working professionally in that regard amongst slim company )

you may have already decided that you are interviewing a ‘whacko’

and you are filled with indignant outrage that someone should come on your show

– sprouting such preposterous and cleverly thought out -lies-

And – because of that – you are going to let him have it.

(unless, of course, she attempts to shout down her opponents with equal vigour every week

– I don’t know, because I don’t listen to her show)

The information of the type Gage chooses to present – generally scares the crap out of people.

The biggest impediment to people looking further into the events of that day and discovering more information about it for themselves

– is that they personally cannot bring themselves to perhaps imagine or consider that elements within the U.S. and Israeli Government (same thing really), the U.S. and Israeli military, and the financial elite

-may- have possibly had a hand in it.

As David Lynch once commented somewhere on Dutch News TV :

“Some people – just can’t go there”


People generally won’t research 911 – because they do not want to.

So if you -don’t- research 911 – then how would you -know-

that the official version of events was utterly -bunk-

until you actually -looked- into the information that is available.

But, the emotional prospect of imagining something other than a small but determined bunch of swarthy semitic types in robes operating out of a cave with some box-cutters actually triggered a war that killed 3,000 Americans along the eastern seaboard of North America

– and which has since gone on to kill circa 2 million people in South West Asia since the end of 2001 –

kind of puts you off taking the time out to have a closer look at the information that is widely available online about just what might have gone down on that day.

Kim Hill didn’t want to take a closer look either.

People that do try and present this information in mainstream news companies

– are consistently ridiculed.

(And what the -fuc*k- does Americans believing Darwins theory or not

– have to do with what any given American might believe about the events of that day?)

And for everyone else:

Not everyone who thinks that the Apollo Moon landings were faked

– also automatically means that they also believe that 911 was an inside job.

Not everyone who thinks that the U.S. Eastern Seaboard attacks in 2001 was an inside job

– also automatically thinks that no planes hit the towers.

Not everyone who believes that actual physical planes hit the towers


automatically believes that a plane hit the Pentagon.

Btw, it’s hard (impossible, actually) to get online footage of the Pentagon event in Washington D.C. on that day

which involved one of the most protected and security cameraed human made structures in the world.

You think that there would be a decent amount of footage online

because the FBI also believes that there is around 84 cameras that were rolling tape at the time

– pointing at that side of the building that day

– but no-one has seen video tape or images of a great big -fucking- jumbo jet ploughing at hi speed into the side of that  building

– just like we saw in New York.



Anyway, here’s her bloody show :

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