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Global Warming Farce – Could We Soon Be Blamed For Global Cooling ?

by Sarah Price


UK, December 23, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) – As we have observed over the last few days the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines is getting extremely angry at President Obama and Prime Minister Brown’s relentless push to screw the “Third World” for their so called “Man Made Global Warming” – which we all know is natures own natural cycle.

As part of such natural cycles we have seen short term rapid changes take place whereby mother earth has exploded in all her glory to change the temperature of the world at extremely short notice. The world’s largest recorded volcanic eruption was that of Krakatau which resulted in a series of massive explosions on August the 26/27 1883 in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia.

The striking resemblance of Mayon to Krakatau is remarkable with the same perfect shape and height and yet one would hope that this similarity remains only in appearance and not in its strength. Perhaps should such an event take place, which it will one day, we could see Mr. Nobel Peace Prize rushing to Copenhagen, followed by his illustrious puppet Gordon Brown to screw the third world for the second time for making our planet colder.

Let’s just reflect on this one natural event that took place in our history and what it did to the world’s environment and temperature.

The explosion was heard 3500 km (2,200 miles) away in Perth, Western Australia and the Tsunami from Krakatau was of giant proportions,

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reports at the time indicated that a new shipping jetty in Fremantle, Western Australia was totally written off and even in the English Channel small waves occurred.

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It was estimated that within the region around 120,000 died but one could never estimate the deaths in others parts of the world from the ensuing Tsunami.

Environmentally speaking the atmosphere was laden with ash and gaseous particles that initially circle the equatorial regions and then spread to far reaching countries around the globe. This mass of particles created a haze that blocked out the sun and reduced the earth’s temperature to around 1.2 degrees Celsius. There were many other side effects from this fallout in a type of acidic rain and major changes to weather patterns. We must bear in mind that this event occurred on the 26th/27th of August 1883 and the environment and world temperatures did not return to normal until around 1888.

If one could imagine the effect of another natural occurrence somewhere else it would be catastrophic to our current living environment. There are many hotspots that are sleeping giants waiting to spring back into life and if one combines this with a natural earth’s warming or cooling cycle you don’t have to be into rocket science to understand the consequences.

I again would like to point out that we should not be brain washed by the likes of Obama and Gore or Brown and Miliband into thinking the ordinary people or the third world is causing the current warming process. Yes, we must accept that man does contribute to its demise in a small way but the biggest culprits are the governments themselves and their associated Trans national corporations who push economic growth at a fanatical pace and pollute without restriction. They demand expansion at whatever the cost. They demand to take over world markets without trade barrier or tariffs and they absolutely hate competition from the less developed countries that can bring down the unit price because of their low cost infrastructures.

If any country is well endowed with it own cheaper alternatives why wouldn’t that country use its own resource such as coal…….at the end of the day the whole world once used coal and the environment we breath was far worse than that of today. Why should for instance the west push nuclear power as an environmental alternative when its waste continues to stockpile and leak into our environment for millions/billions of years? Why do we allow this waste to be recycled into so called conventional weapons when they are indeed WMD’s and continue to contaminate areas or conflict and the rest of the world totally unabated with horrific consequences? The US, UK, NATO and Israel between them are killing off the very genetics of millions of people in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and now Pakistan.

Can one imagine that these leaders with two faces are allowing this to continue and in actual fact encourage its usage and then go running around the world in panic mode telling us all that the earth is in crisis. Do they really believe that, we the public, believe their concocted stories as they wallow in the splendor of their luxurious hotels, eat meals that would feed a remote village in India and procrastinate over which country they are going to screw or who’s market they are going to annihilate. Whatever the outcome we can expect more extremes of poverty.

Picture1_copyThey are totally responsible for any added value to the earths natural warming or cooling process and it is they (the G20) and their Trans National Corporations that should pay the bill. I have already offered my example of improving good traffic flows, reducing delays, reducing vehicle emissions and saving fuel without spending a penny….. but Hey!…..are they really concerned about carbon footprints….not really…..their mission is economic expansion and controlling the world’s markets in much the same way as Iraq, Afghanistan and the conflict in Gaza which is all about securing control of oil/gas reserves and the associated delivery pipelines such as the BTC pipeline that caused the conflict in Georgia or the proposed TAPI pipeline in Southern Afghanistan which resulted in the US going to war in that country.

Let’s blow away this camouflage and all these lies and make our respective governments accountable. There is a place for such people as George Bush senior and junior, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bremer, Bolton, Rice, Wolfowitz and many many more. mention. On this side of the pond we had Blair, Prescott, Brown, Straw, Robertson, Hoon, Reid, Browne and all his ill advisors, and that notorious senior advisor Alastair Campbell. We could write a book on all those that have held high office both past and present….. especially in Foreign Affairs, Defence and the Environment who appeared to live in cuckoo land and really never created an impression of knowing what they were doing. We now have Miliband who is still wet behind the ears and Ainsworth trying to impress us with his lack of knowledge on military matters. We must all remember that whatever we are told is frequently far from the truth and what you see, read or hear via the media is totally controlled. If one adds to this the Pro Israeli brigade, Friends of Israel and the Christian and Jewish Zionist movement you get to better understand how politics is totally sewn up and funded by those with their own hidden agenda. It’s nothing to do with the world’s environment, democracy or some hidden away dictator but all to do with economic expansion and the control of the world’s resources.
I must apologies for drifting off on a tangent for one moment and get back to past and possible future natural catastrophes. So what is on the horizon in addition to existing events? We could look at the sleeping giant that lies below the Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, USA which is classified as a super volcano. The last major eruption occurred 640,000 years ago and would have been gigantic to say the least. It was estimated to have spewed out 240 cubic miles (1,000 km3) of ash, rock and other material. Could one imagine such an event today…..a volcano that would have been 1,000 times larger than St Helens when she erupted in 1980 and created a crater almost two thirds of a mile (1 km deep) and 28 X 52 miles (45 X 84 Km) in length and breadth.

Pinatubo_and_MayonWe can finally add to this giant in the Philippines, (Mount Mayon), with another active volcano, Mount Pinatubo which erupted back in 1991 in a most spectacular way. There are 37 volcanoes in the Philippines and around 18 of these are still active so one can see how Mother Nature has the ability to change our environment in so many ways. Let’s not forget to take into consideration the undersea activity and how hot vents can increase water temperature and reduce ice flows or how volcanoes can create instant islands whilst you watch them rise out of the sea. I once witnessed this spectacle in the Azores, Southern Central Atlantic when a plume of smoke and steam turned into a small island in a very short period of time.

I would like to close this article with another such example when the famous Krakatau gave birth to Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau”), which has emerged from beneath the sea and started the whole cycle over again. She is now active again just like her mother waiting to take its natural course. Needless to say the likely death toll from another such event as Yellowstone or this new Krakatau would make the original Krakatau insignificant by comparison.

Most of these volcanoes form part of the “Ring of Fire” and exist as an island or sit on the edge close to the sea. Any activity could result in the activation of a Tsunami. Readers may also be interested to note that the Canary Islands (off North West Africa) is the peak of a volcano and should this again become active and erupt it could cause the island to slide into the sea. Should this ever happen a giant tidal wave would travel far inland in North Africa, Spain, Portugal, England, the Caribbean, and the U.S. East Coast. The U.S. would have around 8 hours notice with little time to evacuate coastal cities. Should these island slide quickly into the sea as a result of such a volcanic eruption we are looking at a Tsunami wave up to 300 foot high (91 meters).

I cannot miss this opportunity to emphasize that the G20 have truly screwed up this planet in so many ways with so many lies but the biggest threat to the world is not that of global warmer but the repeated usage of weapons containing both DU/EU components. We are talking here about changing the genetics of many countries, if not the world, resulting in the premature death of millions of people (not forgetting those small children that are born terribly disfigured and only live an extremely short life.

Anak_KrakatauIt’s time the citizens of this world took back the control of their destiny and stopped this madness and really starting worrying about the things that matter. Wars and their associated cost and contamination and the poor of the world both within the G20 countries and those in the third world. Could one imagine the savings of trillions of dollars for our respective economies and the saving in environmental damage?
– Peter Eyre, Middle East Consultant

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