Earning The Disgust Of Your Kids


Back when the distant ancestors of rich fucks were busily getting other people

[ through force ]

to pop lots of stones on top of each other somewhere in the Fertile Crescent Valley –


– so that they just might might then beam their dying spirit to some particular star of note that they saw in the sky once –

(the first Astronauts?)

– well, it’s also really -really- interesting to note that at around the same time,

the then rich fucks that lived on the mayan/incan region of the planet were doing pretty much the same thing.


(must be some weird kind of collective unconscience deal, I guess)

And sacrifically ?  They were going through thousands of people a day sometimes.

Rolling their captured de-hearted newborn cadavers down the pyramid stairs like unwanted manikins being dumped at the tip.

Slaves, prisoners from other tribes, whoever they could get their hands on …

A few years ago Mel Gibson made a particularly disturbing picture about this nasty little epoch – which started occuring several millennia ago – not far from where US foreign policy makers are currently now building military bases.

What’s interesting about this repulsive little period in human history is that

– like in Egypt –

the pyramids still stand, abandoned.

Too big to move

(too expensive to demolish)

The pyramids are a living-dead example of people en masse going :

“Sorry, we’re just not doing this anymore”.

The warnings about graphic content apply here.



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