Blameing Tennis Players For Israeli Foreign Policy


Unbeknownst to most in the west/north – the root cause of this decades old conflict is slow Israeli border expansion

(through Palestinian house demolition and ‘settlement’ construction).

Most in the west/north aren’t aware of this – because the mainstream media sources are quite complicit in this ongoing gradualised dispossession of Palestinian people of their land

– either through deliberate ommission of the causes and consequences of human conflict in the region

– or faithful stenography of only one side of the story.

If you work in Media and are openly critical of Israeli foreign policy – then you are not likely to remain employed for long.

Remember the Herald dropping Malcolm Evans over his ‘Anti-Semitic’ cartoons?

The protests are a way of attempting to bring to light this purposefully hidden side of the story to raise awareness.

What the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians is now becoming more widely known across the western world

– despite well funded propaganda that paints Israel as the victim and the Palestinians as senseless, aggressive hate-filled thugs,
and despite professional and personal intimidation on the part of Israel against those that would critique its behaviour

– that is reflected in its foreign policy.

Israel could end this conflict tommorrow – with the flick of a policy pen.

Palestinians have -no- recourse to end this conflict.

Should they turn their swords into ploughshares – their lives and livelihood will still be taken from them.

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