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The Trick To Killing Someone – “When Spin Eclipses Reality, People Like You Die In Droves

When spin eclipses reality, people like you die in droves

The trick to killing someone is not to know them.

[ … um …   what ? ]

The trick to killing someone is not to know them.

That’s what the moneymakers have kept secret from us all these years.

All those people we were told were our enemies?

They weren’t.

But we were told that so we would kill them.

Do you remember when that happened?

It has happened every day of your life.

Every day of our nation’s existence.

Every day humans have existed on this Earth.

We tell lies about other people so we can steal what they have.

It is the human condition.

[ …  oh ..,   …  that …  ]

It’s much harder to kill someone you know.

Sure, there are exceptions.

Some things, like the rape of your daughter, are capital offenses, immediate dispatch authorized under any circumstances.

Betraying your friends is probably the most popular way to get yourself killed.

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