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Why American Style Democracy & Capitalism Is Doomed In This New “Limited Age”

[ a photo of some very unhappy people from Iceland ]

[ h / t : Christopher ]

See nytimes on new US Supreme Court decision and permission allowing for corparate funding for elections  here

read in association with the downloadable DVD series..”Century of the Self ” here

Watch The Century of the Self  here

read in association with the downloadable DVD “The Corporation” here
read in association with climate change debate in the USA  here

Conclusion :

on why getting into debt to US institutions is such a disaster, and why each of us needs to act accordingly see here

and why here in NZ with the Supercity we are facing similar issues of lack of transparency and loss of institutional trust,
and loss of electorate accountability with our CCO’s, and a lot of political “wash” from our current political leaders.

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