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One Quarter Of US Grain Crops Fed To Cars – Not People

New analysis of 2009 US Department of Agriculture figures suggests biofuel revolution is impacting on world food supplies.


[ Those life-sucking %$@ts that make policy decisions in oil companies decided ‘not to research solar and wind power’

(no money in them)

and instead chose to go with Biofuels.

It doesn’t matter to them whether petrol is sucked out of the ground or grown in fields

– Biofuels are still something that they can meter at the pump and still something from which to cream obscene profits.

And those obscene profits are the only reason we are still using petrol, anyway.]

One-quarter of all the maize and other grain crops grown in the US now ends up as biofuel in cars rather than being used to feed people, according to new analysis which suggests that the biofuel revolution launched by former President George Bush in 2007 is impacting on world food supplies.

The 2009 figures from the US Department of Agriculture shows ethanol production rising to record levels driven by farm subsidies and laws which require vehicles to use increasing amounts of biofuels.

“The grain grown to produce fuel in the US [in 2009] was enough to feed 330 million people for one year at average world consumption levels,” said Lester Brown, the director of the Earth Policy Institute, a Washington thinktank that conducted the analysis.

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