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What The TV Doesn’t Tell Us About Haiti

January 31, 2010


January 30, 2010

The world’s TV is showing, as we might expect, a false picture of reality.

In the case of Haiti, this is all the more outrageous given the circumstances.

With barely disguised racism they paint the picture of a people who are suffering but “ignorant” and “barbarous”, incapable of “keeping order” by themselves after the earthquake, necessitating a renewed colonial occupation, with a fresh US invasion.Of course, no-one mentions the two-hundred-year sentence capitalism and imperialism imposed on the Haitian people for having carried out the only successful slaves’ social revolution in history.

Still less do they tell us about recent events, like the significant workers’, students’ and peasants’ struggles against colonial occupation and Preval’s puppet government which developed in 2009.

A new super-exploited working class

The “globalisation” of capitalism, initiated in the 1980s and triumphant in the 90s, meant in the first place carte blanche to find places around the world to establish the most savage exploitation of the working class, without limits. China, with its miserable salaries and brutal super-exploitation, is the best example, but not the only one.

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