Waking Up To Israel’s Stranglehold Over British Politics

Gilad Atzmon views the role of Israel lobbyists in Britain’s Iraq Inquiry as a microcosm of the stranglehold of these lobbyists over British politics in general, and warns that the British public had better wake up to this before it is too late.

”One may wonder whether we still need an election in this country.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of the British political elite are practically bought by the Israeli lobby.”

The more I read about the Chilcot [Iraq] inquiry the more disturbed I am.

The fallacy imbued in the heart of British “democracy” is staggering.

While some commentators are concerned with questions to do with the legality of the war, the most crucial issue here is actually the disappearance of ethical judgment from our public and political life.

Rather than being concerned with morality and ethics, British politicians are concerned with legalism.

In other words, if someone would manage to prove that the war was “legal”, then the murdering of a million and a half Iraqis would be well justified.

Let’s face it, our politicians are corrupt to the bone.
The Israel lobby dominates Labour and owns most Conservative MPs and other politicians

In fact, the Chilcot inquiry is in itself a pretty disturbing concept. As George Monbiot pointed out a few days ago in the Guardian’s Comment is Free, in the world of British “official inquiries” it is the government that appoints the inquiry’s members and sets its terms of reference.

“It’s the equivalent of a criminal suspect being allowed to choose what the charges should be, who should judge his case and who should sit on the jury.”

As if this were not enough, none of the inquiry members is an attorney.

None of its member is qualified in the art of questioning. Consequently, the inquiry doesn’t have any legal ability, capacity or teeth. It is a farce. It is there to release some public steam.

It is there to convey a false image of openness.

I believe that the most pathetic statement was pronounced last week by Tony Blair. “People didn’t think that al-Qaeda and Iran would play the role that they did,” announced the unchallenged genocidal man in front of inquiry.

Basically, we are now blaming the so-called “enemy” for not performing according to “our plans”.

I guess that even an illiterate burglar would refrain from using such an argument in the court.

Blair obviously got away with it.

But there is one positive side to all this.

As sad as this Chilcot inquiry seems to be, the choice of its team members is also revealing.

The selection of the panel suggests who the government is inclined to appoint when it needs a whitewash.

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