Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth.

Les VisibleSmoking Mirrors11 April 2008

Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth.

Well now… it seems that my mention of Chomsky and Raimundo, as well as Palast (but no one chimed in to defend Palast) touched a nerve here and there. Most people agreed with what I had to say and a couple did not. I would appreciate when you have an opinion that you identify yourself on certain occasions. Some of you have given good reason not to and I accept that but… I use my real name. I stand behind what I say.

Here is where it is really at and this is going to shake the world. I don’t know how this has managed to come about but it is a major league event!Some of you may think that Chomsky is one of the good guys. I am more inclined to grant Raimundo more leeway than Chomsky or Palast but the fact remains that you can’t be a bonafide voice of the people. You can’t be a standard bearer for the truth. You can’t be a legitimate voice of conscience and all the other things these public white knights present themselves as if you avoid or deny the truth about 9/11.I’ll put out a few links concerning Chomsky that should say it all. There’s much more and you can find that on your own time. First, why don’t you look Here and Here and HereAs for Raimundo and Palast I’ll just give you a Google page. You make the call based on what you find there and I’ll go have myself an espresso and an American Spirit rollup and catch back up with you in a few minutes.Alright then, let’s get down to it. Before we get into the body of my argument let’s talk about me for a minute. Somebody made a comment that my having comment moderation might indicate that I censor comments. Of course, my wearing a red shirt might indicate I’m a communist and the fact that I am a good dancer may indicate I’m gay. You’re free to make up your mind on these things according to your own criteria.I have comment moderation because spam bots get you otherwise. I also have it because occasionally someone gets into a rant about Jews or just wants to anonymously curse at me. I’m okay with that but I expect you to at least give your name. It’s important to understand that I have no problem with Jews per se or anyone per se. I’ve got a problem with psychopaths. It could be said that you have a problem with psychopaths too. And whatever creed or color they hide under… I’m not fond of them. It’s unfortunate for me when some of them turn out to be Jews because you’re not allowed to criticize them for anything period. But I’m not going to let genuine anti-Semites use my blog for their rants. No more than once a week do I reject a comment, it is rare.Today, someone anonymously screamed at me about speaking to such a supportive audience; all the good comments I get. What am I supposed to do about that? I’ll tell you this, just because I get a lot of laudatory statements doesn’t give me a free pass when it comes to the truth. I’m grateful most people like rather than hate me but I can’t get into the headspace of thinking I’m better than others or more worthy. I’m not. If you catch me shying away from the truth or fashioning an agenda then you have every right to call me on it. So far my track record looks pretty good and I’ve got a highly intelligent audience. You may be sure if I fuck up that I will be very publicly sorry about it. I will apologize and ask for your forgiveness.Okay… here’s how it is. Everything… everything we are going through; all the draconian security measures that screw up our freedom of expression and movement are because of the 9/11 attacks. They are also pointless because the terrorists in question happen to be the state itself, with the assistance of at least one other nation. All of the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq; the savage butchery in Palestine and the raping and pillaging of the American economy by Halliburton and so many other blood sucking siphon machines are all happening and have happened because of 9/11.9/11 was blamed on a man who denied it and who supposedly headed up an organization that high ranking members of the CIA say does not existThe myriad of connections between Israel and 9/11 is tremendous and no amount of coincidence can account for it. People who have been connected to their countries secret service; ex-presidents and high officials in various lands have said that 9/11 was an inside job and some have laid the blame at the feet of the CIA and Mossad. I tend to believe that MI-6 had some connection to it as well. They certainly were connected to 7/7 in the London tube. The same Israeli security firm was in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station. I can go on and on about Dancing Israeli’s and Odigo… the sheer weight of the evidence is… I can’t find a word for it.Every rock you turn over you find someone like Larry Silverstein or Bennie Netanyahu looking back at you. The absurdity of three enormous towers coming down at free fall into their own footprints and so on and so on and so on and then… who benefited? Boom!right back to the same people again.So I don’t see how I can trust all the articulate commentary from these men on a wide variety of subjects when they ignore or deny the linchpin of the whole deal. And what does it matter what they have to say about these things when the cause of all of these things is the very subject that they ignore or deny? Do they ignore or deny it from good sense… from fear… from complicity? I don’t know. Whatever their reasons are cancels out any standing they might have in my mind. I’m only giving my opinion. This is only how I see it but that is the way it is for me. These men are posturing from their ivory towers as courageous combatants for human freedom and veneration of the truth yet they will not address the MAIN ISSUE. It all comes down to 9/11 period. It’s all happening because of 9/11. The buck stops there.“But visible, they’ve done a lot of good… yackety yack, yackety yack.” That’s like saying Paul Wolfowitz doesn’t beat his wife or Rupert Murdoch donates a lot of money to good causes (which I wouldn’t know about, it’s just a hypothetical example). It doesn’t somehow make it all okay.9/11 is the litmus test. If you aren’t focused on that and if you aren’t out front about where the evidence leads then what good are you? Let’s face it, if you tell the truth about 9/11 then your book deals and speaking engagements; your cozy associations with powerful individuals who open the doors are all going to take a hit. Read those links on Chomsky and you tell me what I’m supposed to think. 9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an Inside Job!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!!! And Israel was involved…If you are a public figure and if your livelihood and your reputation are based on telling the truth and you can’t say this then you are not what you make yourself out to be and that, according to me, makes you a hypocrite. Remember that these are highly intelligent individuals. These are people with great research skills and reasoning ability. There is no way that they do not know what we know. There’s no way around it. It’s fine if they are in some other line of work but they are not. This is their line of work.I’m tired of these men and so many others. I am tired of Daily Kos and so many others who make out how they are all about freedom and democracy; transparency and truth… high-minded words with no more substance than a dream… shining white knights with feet of clay.You can go ahead and get angry at me, be offended, think I’m too righteous about the whole thing… “Hey, visible, ease up, cut some slack… we all have to make compromises to get by.” I’m sorry but that’s not going to fly with me. People have died. PEOPLE HAVE DIED! People are being tortured and locked up for years. An entire nation of people is displaced in Iraq and the suffering is immenseIn Palestine… oh… what can I say? I want to cry but my tears will serve no purpose at all… all because of 9/11… all because of lies… all this murder goes on every day, courtesy of the people who did 9/11 in the first place and now they murder those whom they have accused of their crimes. They torture them for information that only they possess.If you are in a position to know the truth and you have a reputation for telling the truth and you do not, then maybe this will shame you into it but I suspect it won’t. I’m sorry I had to say these things but you show me another way. Maybe you know something I don’t. Maybe you can help me to understand because I don’t understand. I see lies and I see murder most foulIf you support these lies then your hands have blood on them.


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