US Policy Makers Reject Peace & Life : Hell-Bent For War

You would think that a Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barack “mau mau” Obama would jump at the opportunity to save lives and ensure peace by accepting a new Iranian government peace offerer. instead, “Mau Mau” sent his minions Robert Gibbs to reject Iran ‘s offer.

Time and patience is running out,” Iran will face “consequences,” and “they have no interest in building international confidence that their nuclear program is for peaceful means.”

– Robert Gibbs.

“it doesn’t contain anything new. We’ve heard this before. We think that the arrangement that we put on the table in Geneva is the right one. The Iranian response, in essence, is, in our view, a red herring.”

– Philip J. Crowley

Iran’s government repeated their request to buy or swap fuel for critical medical isotopes, required for the treatment of people suffering from heart and kidney disease and various cancers.

Some 850,000 patients are at risk because the country is running out of radioactive isotopes essential to radiotherapy, even though they are legally authorized to produce their own.

[  … neat …  … like in ‘Superman’ ]

Iranian leaders, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, say that Iran might produce new fuel itself, which would prove a sensitive issue.

Iran would need to enrich uranium up to 19.75 percent purity, which would be a gross violation of UN sanctions.

Uranium occurs naturally in underground deposits consisting of a mixture of 0.7% uranium-235, which is easily fissionable, and about 99.3% uranium-238, which is not fissionable.

Nuclear weapons require “enrichment” to increase the proportion of U235 to 90% or more.

This is called Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU).

Nuclear reactors require enrichment to about 3 – 5 % of U-235.

This is called Low Enriched Uranium (LEU).

“We would prefer to buy the fuel as quickly as possible,” said Mohammad Ghannadi, vice-president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), “We could enrich on our own,” he said. “But we will run into technical difficulties. We also won’t be ready in time to help our patients.”

The sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council, aimed at moving Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program, are supposed to leave medical practice unaffected.

In reality, however, Iran has become unable to procure a wide range of medical products.

An embargo on medical isotopes was introduced in 2007, in defiance of the medical exception clause touted as part of the trade sanctions, Iranian leaders said.

Apart from the UN sanctions, so many restrictions particularly American on trade with Iran exist, that in practice nobody is willing to supply Iran with medical isotopes any longer.

Out of dire necessity, Iran is now attempting to uses its 41-year-old research reactor in Tehran which was originally constructed by the US.

The US cancelled those contracts that were paid by Iranian taxpayers as official US government punishment against their nation’s independence from the US-installed dictator from 1953 to 1979, Shah Pahlavi.

[ The Shah of Iran leaving the country of Iran after having been told by the people of Iran :

“Thanks for all the brutal repression, death, economic imbalance and exploitation – now get in your %#@&ing 707 and %#@& off. ]

The US overthrew Iran’s democracy in 1953 when Prime Minister Mossadegh requested Iran receive more than their 15% of profits from their own oil fields.

[ … just another in a long line of  lame thankless fuckery episodes from those meddling gold-digging busy-bodies down at the CIA ]

Moreover, from 1980 to 1988, the US supported Iraq’s invasion of Iran, including blowing-up oil platforms, supplying loans, intelligence, military equipment, political cover in the UN Security Council, and the ingredients for Iraq to make chemical weapons.


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