Source: https://healthfreedoms.org As most of our subscribers know at Health Freedom Alliance when darkness falls we turn into a super hero and hand out Vitamin D to sick people everywhere. It now appears there is proof that Vitamin D is better at preventing flu than vaccinations. The risk of children […]

Source: https://news.bbc.co.uk Scientists have created the first device to render an object invisible in three dimensions. The “cloak”, described in the journal Science, hid an object from detection using light of wavelengths close to those that are visible to humans. Read full articlek

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media March 17, 2010 MEDIA ALERT: NATO’S FIRE SALE – ONE DEAD AFGHAN CHILD, $2,000 On January 11, 2010, we sent out a media alert titled, ‘Were Afghan children executed by US-led forces? And why aren’t the media interested?’ https://www.medialens.org/alerts/10/100111_were_afghan_children.php […]