Vitamin D Proves Better Than Flu Vaccine



As most of our subscribers know at Health Freedom Alliance when darkness falls we turn into a super hero and hand out Vitamin D to sick people everywhere. It now appears there is proof that Vitamin D is better at preventing flu than vaccinations. The risk of children suffering from flu can be halved if they take vitamin D, doctors in Japan have found. The finding has implications for flu epidemics since vitamin D, which is naturally produced by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight, has no significant side effects, costs little and can be several times more effective than anti-viral drugs or vaccine.

Only one in ten children, aged six to 15 years, taking the sunshine vitamin in a clinical trial came down with flu compared with one in five given a dummy tablet. Mitsuyoshi Urashima, the Japanese doctor who led the trial, told The Times that vitamin D was more effective than vaccines in preventing flu.

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