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Gordon Duff : Musings On A Series Of Unfolding Plots – What Is Being Kept From Us

The movie, Green Zone, covers our attack on Iraq with considerable accuracy.


The film clearly outlines how, in order to justify an illegal invasion, an American government created “false flag” intelligence.

Despite any crimes Saddam may have committed, currently America has caused more civilian deaths in Iraq than Saddam in 30 years, the invasion was illegal and any and all involved in its planning, according to international law, should face tribunals.

Those who were misled are innocent.

Those who did the misleading are war criminals, exactly like Saddam.

Our war to save Iraq from a brutal dictator was simply cover for a bank robbery and some “dirty work” that needed to be done, work that opened the door to country after country being destabilized.

All of this was done to deal drugs, steal gas and oil and loot the American economy.

Oh, they forgot to tell you that on Hannity last night?  Sorry about that.

This is how Iraq was destroyed, over a million killed and untold damage was done to America.

In the process, the balance of power in the Middle East swung to Iran, who now largely controls Iraq and to the India / Israel alliance.

The United States is no longer a factor, bogged down in Iraq, over its head in Afghanistan and flat broke at home.

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