ANZAC Day : A Letter To The Editor


[ I’m not much into nepotism

– but will make a bold exception in the face of this here truth tellin’

– popping up as it did in the Letters To The Editor section of today’s Christchurch Press ]

Lift The Blanket Of Sorrow & See War’s Reality

For near-on 94 years we have been remembering the war dead – generations who sincerely believed the war propaganda and gave their lives in carrying out distasteful tasks for those who were the planners.
It is time to take off this yearly imposed blanket of sorrow and begin to expose the truth about world foreign policy, which hasn’t changed.
Wars are planned (by both sides) years in advance.
Propaganda is contrived and national feelings orchestrated.
Wars are still raging, propaganda is still being churned out.
We are still dying for a ‘stroke of a pen’.
Our leaders lead these sorrowful annual commemorations knowing full well that tomorrow we will all return to our lives and get on with it without turning physically to them and demanding accountability and change.
The repetitive Anzac enactment reinforces our inactivity.
Sorrow stops us from questioning.
History says it all.
Raewyn Ewing,

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Sat Apr 24 , 2010

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