There Are More Things In Heaven & Earth, Than Are Dreamt Of In Your Philosophy
[ ‘The Lion Hunt’ – 1616 ]

On this day in history, 394 years ago

– on April 23rd, 1616 to be exact –

the two greatest European writers of all time shuffled off this mortal coil.

Both were famous for sidestepping or deflating the sacred narratives and windy generalities that often pass for wisdom,
instead taking a tough but sympathetic look at the actual human condition.,_a_Gestapo_concentration_camp.jpg

The story of the Nazi Holocaust has become a sacred narrative underpinning a self-congratulatory American-Zionist narrative of World War II and its aftermath.

Like other foundation myths

(including Zelikow’s

[ -wanker- ]

pre-scripted events of 9/11/01),

the Holocaust separates time into a “before” and an “after,”

justifying the “whole new world” created by the foundational event.
For Americans, the “whole new world” is one in which the ultimate evil of the Nazis shows why the US must build the world’s biggest military and remain perpetually at war;

for the Zionists, it is a “whole new world” in which poor little Israel,
[ as seen here … ]

endlessly threatened with annihilation, must use every available means, including mass murder and big lies, to preserve itself.

More than any other single story, the Holocaust is the foundation of the Zio-American empire’s war against the world.

[ … put another way – the Holocaust is the single biggest guilt trip in human history ]

It is the foundation of both the Palestinian holocaust,
[ oh look, another holocaust … ]

the Nakba, and the US military/CIA murder of millions that William Blum calls the American Holocaust.
Thus, if we are to end these holocausts, the original Holocaust story needs to be ripped out of its sacred setting and returned to ordinary, secular history.

To achieve this, we must overcome the fear, horror and awe that has been drummed into us by the media and talk about the Nazi holocaust calmly, empirically, historically.

[ without getting thrown in fucking -jail- or something ]

Such fearless talk, whatever conclusions it may or may not reach, will help transfer the Holocaust story from the sacred to the secular sphere

– a major step toward ending the ongoing genocides that are explicitly or implicitly justified by its sacredness.
It will help U.S. Americans realize that the holocausts THEY committed and are still committing,
whose body counts of tens of millions are protected by no laws and enshrined by few museums and whose “righteous victims” are unfinanced by reparations, are the ones that should get most of their attention
…in order that the real lesson of all holocausts,

“never again !”

can finally be achieved.

That’s why, on tomorrow’s Truth Jihad Radio, I’m shattering the taboo on discussing holocaust revisionism.

[ … whoa … ]

I hope you’ll agree that I’m doing it in the kind of fair and open-minded way that would be helpful to those who, like me, are new to the issue – and to those who are not who can set aside their emotional prejudices and reflexive use of ad-hominems, and listen to three guests’ well-informed yet wildly different perspectives on this fascinating and deeply repressed issue.

Kevin Barrett
McFarland, WI

Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

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