Hundreds Killed As US Escalates Pakistan Strikes


[ Fucking.  Assholes. ]

Less than four months into the new year, the US has already launched 40 attacks and killed at least 268 people.

The most recent strike yesteray in North Waziristan killed at least nine people.

The identities of the victims are never particularly easy to ascertain,

[ How come  ?  Is it because the victims are in burnt little pieces ? ]

but the number of named militants killed so far this year is trivial,

as it was last year,

when most of the “suspects” turned out to have no discernible relation to any militant faction.

Since taking office, President Obama has repeatedly escalated the drone strikes against the tribal areas,

to the point where multiple attacks a week are a matter of course.

With the normal winter lull seeing such a large number of strikes,

a new record for killings seems all but assured again in 2010.


[ An outtake from the movie Syriana – one of those rare cinematic gem-like examples of fiction becoming non fiction ]


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