The Pentagon Explosion – Doubletree Marriott Hotel Video Analysis

This geo-analysis of the Doubletree Marriott Hotel video…

and eyewitness accounts:…

is the research of Mike Sparks with Dr. Fetzer into the 9/11 False Flag attack which can be looked upon as beginning, middle and end events. The problem that cannot be ignored is the end events have been proven to be con jobs; so researchers must move back in time from the building explosions made to look like plane crashes to the middle events of what was fabricated to make it look like passenger planes with staged, dramatic–but technically impossible cell phone calls in 2001 (an honest element in the FBI determined Barbara Olson did NOT call Solicitor General Ted Olson about ragheads-with-box-cutter knives etc.

The obvious “reality check” here is that no huge 757 airliner struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This video covers the end and a few seconds of the “middle” segment where there is no Flight 77 airliner full of shady military-industrial types and Femme Fatale’ blonde bombastic bombshell Barbara Olson. After this video gives you your geolocation N, S, E, W bearings–it becomes clear dozens if not HUNDREDS of American citizens drove by the Pentagon as the explosion took place in broad daylight around 9:30 a.m. and could come forward en masse to get a handle on the issue—but have NOT. If it was a humongous 757 airline they saw, it would be spectacular like the B-52 bomber that crashed at an air show rehearsal in ’94. Why not come forward and get your 15 minutes of infamy? There was a TRAFFIC JAM right in front of the WEST side of the Pentagon and cars were only a few hundred feet away!

Partial Pentagon 9/11 Witness List to Date:…

Caveat: Jim Hoffman has dishonestly taken the Eric Bart list that overlooks so far 11 witnesses that CIT through dedicated work have discovered and interviewed:…

81. Edward Paik, auto mechanic
82. SGT Chadwick Brooks
83. Robert Turcios, CITGO gas station attendant
84. Darrell Stafford
85. Darius Prather
86. Donald Carter
87. George Aman
88. Maria de La Cerda, a career musician with the Army band, who saw the plane from Arlington National Cemetery.

The 8 eyewitnesses above and Roosevelt Roberts Jr. below–

89. Roberts, Roosevelt

Roberts a Pentagon policeman reported military personnel trying to steal crash debris:….

and he says the plane FLEW OVER the Pentagon and did NOT crash–a position legendary former CIA pilot John Lear holds, also.

Note just 89 visual witnesses of planes near the Pentagon and ALL are in violent disagreement on myriad details. There should be at least 300+

The folks at also seem to have a MENTAL BLOCK that cannot reconcile that the few eyewitnesses that have come forward saw a plane PAINTED to LOOK LIKE a 757 perhaps–an A-3D SkyWarrior (Schwarz & Carlson’s work)–which also accounts for the High-G flight maneuvers, small impact hole and lack of 757 physical evidence, the BBC even somehow caught a picture of an A-3D HEADED TOWARDS THE PENTAGON on 9/11–though it may also be an E-4B “Knee Cap” NEACP 747 variant:…

The only explanation for witness scarcity is that what they saw DOES NOT match the official lies put out by the Bush Administration–so to protect their rears they have hid from their moral and patriotic duty to collapse the whole 9/11 con job.

So much for “land of the free and home of the brave”.

If you drove by the Pentagon and saw what happened and consider yourself a patriotic American contact us (or someone else and go public) and/or make an on-camera video or audio tape and make a sketch, scan it and email it to us or post on YOUTUBE and alert us to make a copy.

Do it all at once; so no one can stop you.

The lack of Pentagon explosion eye and ear witnesses coming forward is proof positive that an airliner DID NOT crash there; if one did everyone would want to be interviewed and be famous for a moment backing the AmeroNazi con job excuse needed to go murder ragheads for oil, drugs and the New World Disorder.


has done pioneering work with a few Brave American eyewitnesses of the Pentagon explosion contradicting the “official” flight path:…

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