Ships On Their Way To Palestine


A flotilla of ships and boats are heading towards Gaza RIGHT NOW!

From Ireland, Greece, Turkey and around the Mediterranean ships and boats full of important and necessary supplies desperately needed by the Palestinians will be delivered in the middle of May.

5000 tons of aid, including building materials, food, clothes, school supplies, medical supplies and even toys.

People from around the world have been donating via a website and the generosity has enabled a huge cargo ship and two passenger boats to be bought for this cause.

There is a facebook group here-…

I quote-
Later this month the Freedom Flotilla, consisting of three cargo ships and five passenger boats, will set sail to Gaza, in the biggest internationally coordinated effort to directly challenge Israelis ongoing occupation, aggression, and violence against the Palestinian people. The ships are being readied in Greece, Ireland and Turkey to carry 5000 tons of reconstruction materials, school supplies, and medical equipment, as well as 600 passengers from over 40 countries.…

If you would like to get involved or donate please visit-…


Lauren Booth interviews an IHH member and a member of Viva Palestina University
We will be focusing on the events taking place worldwide in regards to Gaza Boat trips. We will speak to the IHH organisation finding out more in regards to their recent press release.

We also talk to the manager and organiser of the Viva Palestina Arabia University event taking place and communicate the different means for people internationally to get involved with these organisations.

أسطول حرية لكسر حصار غزة اسلام الاقصى القدس مصر الجزائر المغرب تونس ليبيا موريتانيا السودان اليمن الاردن قطر السعودية اناشيد قران ايمان جهاد فلسطين اسرائيل الوهابية ال سعود يهود مبارك ابن رقاصة رقص

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