‘Black World’ Space Shuttle : Air Force Raises The Stakes For A New Arms Race

It’s not as if things aren’t bad enough right here on planet earth.


What with multiple wars and occupations,

an accelerating economic meltdown,

corporate malfeasance and environmental catastrophes such as the petroleum-fueled apocalypse in the Gulf of Mexico,

I’d say we have a full plate already.

[  Nope.  Now we have the ‘Militarisation Of Orbit’.

Well now, that’s just great …

…  is ‘blackworld’ a subsidiary of ‘blackwater’ ?

or what ?  ]

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NORML News sent to censors - police ramp up drug war

Sat May 15 , 2010
https://www.norml.org.nz/article710.html In another sign authorities here are ramping up the drug war, New Zealand’s most popular marijuana magazine NORML News has been sent to the censors. “This seems to be more fallout from Operation Lime, the massive raids on gardening stores earlier this month,” said NORML News editor Chris Fowlie. […]