The Disease and Death Of A Bully


In every country of the world people are outraged today by Israel’s attack on the ships that were bringing 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Turkey has recalled it’s foreign ministry from Israel, cutting off ties and international bodies such as the UN and the Brussels Tribunal have joined in the outcry.

Arab, Asian, Latin American and some European countries are condemning the attacks today.

The US and a few other countries under Zionist control are parroting statements of regret about the loss of life.

Meanwhile, the bully defends his actions with the pretext of self-defense.

The Bully’s Pathological Reaction

According to Al Jazeera, some Israelis cheered the Israeli attack and even distributed sweets to ‘celebrate the attack and the killing of the activists’,”

oddly reminiscent of the Israelis who danced,

celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

If any Israelis are condemning or protesting the attacks,

they are not to be found in our review of the literature today.

Meanwhile, on every corporate media outlet, Israel claims victimhood and self-defense again, blaming the unarmed victims for attacking their heavily armed soldiers who boarded their ship from helicopters in international waters.

What is the reaction to worldwide condemnation in the mind of Israel?

The bully swaggers and brushes off criticism as unimportant.

His response is similar to the condemnation mounted against him for his slaughter of civilians in Gaza in 2009.

Based on his words and actions, it’s not difficult to imagine that Israel is not only impervious to international condemnation, they quite possibly love it.

If the personality of the Israeli state and many of its inhabitants need anything, it needs attention.

They seem to have a pathological need to be “front and center” and whether the attention gained is positive or negative – is of no real importance to them.

This narcissism is very much like that which we see in many celebrities on stage and in the movies.

The Zionist’s worst nightmare is that of losing his fame … or his infamy.

Losing the applause or condemnation would mean facing the terror of looking inward and facing the horror that may lurk within.

Negative attention for this swaggering bully in the school yard proves his feelings of power which he desperately needs to compensate for his deep-seated paranoia and sense of impotence.

The more widely condemned and the more atrocious his attacks, the greater the psychological compensation.

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Tue Jun 1 , 2010
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