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Who wants a yummy glass of abortion milk?

By Bomber Bradbury


Calls for calf killing practice to be banned
A practice that’s been undertaken for generations by New Zealand’s dairy farmers threatens to tarnish our international reputation and could threaten our exports. Dairy farmers deliberately birth thousands of calves prematurely each year in a practice known as “inducing”. The vet gives the cows two injections, so their calves will be born 8-12 weeks premature. It’s done to get all cows in a herd to calve at the same time, and produce milk earlier. It means many calves are born dead, but some are born still alive and have to be euthanised.

I’m not sure why the Dairy Industry would want to destroy their reputation by selling abortion milk, but hey, they are destroying our water quality, using up all the water in the South Island and creating more emissions for the planet to warm, so why not go for broke and wreck the entire reputation of the country as well as the Dairy Industry?

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