Heaping Disrespect On Those Who Desperately Deserve It


Hossein Askari is a professor of international business and international affairs at George Washington University,


and Noureddine Krichene is an economist with a PhD from UCLA,

which I mention to establish their credentials,

since some bozo from the Federal Reserve created a stir when he said,

with a sniff of condescension and smugness,

that nobody should comment about economics unless they have a PhD in economics from a “proper” university,

because we unwashed huddled masses are “dangerous” and a “threat to society”.

He says this because, see, we drooling lay persons are all too,

too stupid to comprehend something that is actually simplicity itself:

when the supply of money grows faster than the stock of goods and services,

the money will diffuse through the stock of goods and services

with the result of higher prices for goods and services.

Seems simple to me !

But then I am not a Federal Reserve hotshot with a PhD in economics from an “acceptable” university to wave in anyone’s face,

and neither do I subscribe to the idiotic neo-Keynesian econometric crapola that fascinates the Federal Reserve and mainstream academia,

a theoretical monstrosity which has resulted in the horrific economic mess we are in,

and from which there is,


no escape.

In fact, I am absolutely sure that there is No Freaking Way (NFW) to prevent the collapse,


as it is,

just the collapse of yet another of history’s dismal experiments with boom economies built on fiat money and huge debts,

because if there


a way out of the mess caused by too much money and too much government spending,

then there would be no such thing as economics !

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