Watching Men Lie


Philip Zelikow,
CFR Member
Former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission Report.
Aspen Strategy Group, Aspen, Colorado
White Burkett Professor of History, Univ. of Virginia
Director Mills Center Public Affairs, Univ. of Virginia
Co-Director Harvard Intel-Public Policy, Harvard Univ, 1991
Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Univ. 1991
George H.W. Bush, National Security Council (NSC), 1989
Adjunct Professor, Navy Grad. School, Monterey California
Ph.D. Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
J.D. University of Houston Law Center
B.A. University of Redlands, southern California
Co-Author w/ Condoleeza Rice

Three large organizations that operate with little to no press coverage internationally are the:


Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),

and the Trilateral Commission (i.e. Asia).

I talked to my legal studies professor, Martin Shapiro, at UC Berkeley,

and he claimed he was a “member of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

At the time, and currently, I was and am, a strong supporter of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

So I asked, Professor Shapiro on the last day of the Spring 2008 semester if he was familiar with “Philip Zelikow” a member of the CFR, and executive director of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Of course there are many members of the CFR, and at the time I was unaware that it is only a “portion” of the CFR that is involved a nefarious secret society.

According to conspiracy researcher, Anthony C. Sutton, “Most CFR members are not involved in a conspiracy and have no knowledge of any conspiracy…

However, there is a group WITHIN the Council on Foreign Relations which belongs to a secret society, sworn to secrecy, and which more or less controls the CFR (i.e. Richard Haass was the acting president of the CFR).” (pg. 90).”

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