The Holocaust Front is heating up again as Kevin Käther continues the struggle for German liberation.

Written by Kevin Käther

Translated from the German by J M Damon
The original is posted at “https://globalfire.tv/nj/10de/verfolgungen/kevins_neuer_prozess.html”

Kevin Kaether im Kampf um Deutschlands Freiheit
Kevin Kaether’s struggle against the BIG-LIE

The new trial resulting from appeal of my conviction of December 2009 will take place on 6th – 10th August 2010. In my first self-accusation trial for expressing doubts about “Holocaust” I received a sentence of 20 months (suspended for three years) as punishment for exercising my right to defend myself with evidentiary motions. The NATIONAL JOURNAL reported extensively on my evidentiary motions, which were based on empirical evidence, historical events and natural law.

The motions incurred the displeasure of Chief Prosecutor Michael von Hagen, head of the department for STAATSSCHUTZDELIKTE (crimes against state security) in District 11 of the Berlin District Attorney’s Office, who brought four new counts of of VOLKSVERHETZUNG (Incitement of the Masses) against me. He chose to charge me with four counts of Incitement because I dared to submit evidentiary motions on four trial days. This revealed the “Holocaust” laws for just what they are: pure arbitrary pretension; and we are grateful for this self-revelation on the part of the government.

“Holocaust Justice” operates by manufacturing charges of alleged “Holocaust Denial”, thus depriving the political dissident of right to defend himself. If the dissident still insists on defending himself by referring to the abundant empirical evidence amassed by Revisionist researchers, he can be certain that additional charges will be filed against him. The only thing missing from this witch-trial scenario is the pyre in front of the courthouse, then Germany will be back in the days of the Holy Inquisition.

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