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“Mac, PC, Linux ~ It Doesn’t Matter As They All Suck …”

August 20, 2010

Apple products are deteriorating just as the US government is in its slow death in this Roman Empire sucky sequel.

With the inevitable collapse of the US government along the same lines as the former Soviet Union,

[of which I was apart of in a way while in US intelligence before waking to what was really going on

and resigning,

realizing during my “oh-shit moment”

I was working for the criminal banking syndicate and their police enforcers,

the intelligence alphabets],

so to will Apple collapse if they don’t get their shit together.

Don’t forget how the corrupt Romanian Regime fell similarly,

in only two weeks post a soccer match brawl that ended on x-mas day with its leaders lying in the town square for display,

as the masses can only take so much.

I remember as I was there.

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