‘9/11 Was An Inside Job’ ~ Full Speech By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad At UN

[ Iran’s president Ahmadinejad went to the U.N. the other day

and called it like he saw it.

When he spoke, the U.S. and israel walked out.

Just like they always do when there’s sh*t being said about them at the U.N.

that they don’t want to hear.

When they leave the room, it’s like watching bullies leaving a kindergarten sandpit. ]

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Sun Sep 26 , 2010
Source: https://www.opinion-maker.org/2010/09/president-obamas-ahistorical-world/ On September 23, 2010 it was President Obama’s turn to take the podium at the United Nations. There was a world of problems for him to draw on but, not unexpectedly, he chose to concentrate on the Middle East. Thus, as has been the case with almost every […]