A Black Sun Rises In A Declining Japan

On Saturday, an estimated 2,700 rightists marched through Tokyo’s main shopping district,

decrying the government’s perceived weakness in the dispute with Beijing and calling for Chinese and Koreans to leave Japan.

Several smaller anti-Chinese and anti-foreigner marches took place again Sunday…

“If you are not tough enough to stand up for Japan, get out of Japan! We need to fight against China!” a member of the extremist Zaitokukai movement shouted through a bullhorn…

Another marcher switched targets… “Throw illegal immigrants into Tokyo Bay!” he yelled to loud cheers from his fellow marchers…

With unemployment at a historic high of over 5 per cent – a number that understates the problem since many Japanese have given up looking for work altogether – the newly homeless now fill the country’s parks and Internet cafés.


Twenty-three per cent of Tokyo schoolchildren will rely on government aid for things such as school supplies this year.

Depression stalks the country and 26,500 people committed suicide in 2009.

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Below – a typical Right wing rally in Japan

– right wing nationalists in Japan are heavily Yakuza connected and financed

– notice the lack of interest on the part of passerby:


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